Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vitamin E Night Cream

As we are well into winter now I also like to use a night cream, as these windy days tend to dry my skin out and make me flaky (the attractive days of my life). I have been trying this nourishing night cream from Superdrug's Vitamin E that't meant to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours. My very first thought when I bought this product was actually, I really like the packaging. I'm normally the first one to say that if I'm  buying anything from the highstreet the packaging doesn't really bother me because I want to pay for the product inside as opposed to fancy gold writing on the bottle. However, I don't think this looks like an own brand product as it's not as stripped back, plan and boring as other ranges. 
The cream itself is your standard white but surprisingly it has a faint nutty, coconut smell which I didn't expect and find quite refreshing before bed. On further inspection of the ingredients I found that this contains aesculus hippocastanum, which is a form of horse chestnut extract, which contains anti-inflammatory, skin purifying and skin softening properties. Also the smell it not at all overwhelming and once applied to the skin the smell fades so don't be put off by that. 
I have been trying this for while and I can say that my skin hasn't felt dry like it normally does at this time of year, but I don't think it lasts the full 12 hours that it claims. However, I am very pleased that I picked this up and am enjoying using it. The main downside that I found is, personally I find the texture to be very thin for a night cream. This is just a personal thing, my negative point might be someone else's positive. I generally like night creams to be thick so I can feel them sinking into my skin and feel them working, so almost more like a mask. As this is light it doesn't leave the skin greasy and as you rub it in, it sinks into the skin immediately. 
This is available at Superdrug for £2.99, 100ml tube, which is a perfect because I use this probably about 5 times a week and you don't need much so hopefully this will last me through the harshest of the winter months. The Vitmain E range have so many more products so I am definitely going down there and picking more up.

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