Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Black Friday Wish List 2015

Black Friday is upon us again and for those of you unfamiliar with the term 1. where have you been and 2. your bank balance is going to regret finding out, anyway Black Friday has become a chance for retailers to promote their products and give us bargains!  The event is actually an American tradition but like Mcdonalds, Facebook and Kim K we have accepted it into our welcoming British arms.

This year in the UK offers have been launched before Friday and seem to be carrying on into the weekend so I'm sure everyone will get a chance to look at the deals on offer.  I have been saving up my pennies with the intention of getting Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest, though who am I kidding I have also got my eye on some things I really hope go into the Black Friday sales.

I would love to know what you are planning on buying this Black Friday or if you have already bagged yourselves some deals!
PS it is one month until Christmas day!!!!
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