Saturday, 10 November 2012

Glossybox October

I know this is embarrassing late but I wanted to try the products out before posting about them. Also time is absolutely flying past at the moment, it only seems like last week I was posting about September's box. This month is all about DIY Beauty. So big foamy bubbles in the bath, face masks and manicures. Spa-like wouldn't you say, erm I think I might be interpreting the theme differently, because I don't actually see any of that.
Anatomicals - Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub 
I hadn't heard of this brand before so I was excited to try this out, I love the packaging and the chatty mannerisms reminds me a little of Soap & Glory.  This brand is no Soap & Glory, I didn't think this 'exfoliator' did anything at all, I could barely feel the scrub against my skin. The smell is nice but I would not recommend this at all.  Also Glossybox, the retail price is £3.49, to me that is not a luxury product, however I actually think this is reasonably priced for a body scrub. It's just a shame it didn't compare to my Body Shop or Soap & Glory exfoliators.
Dermalogica - 3 step day and night kit
I liked the idea of this little kit, even though we did receive one similar a month or two ago in Glossybox. One foaming wash, one purifying toner and a moisturiser normally retailing at £12 per kit, I rushed to try it out. The bottles are larger than your average size and as this is considered an expensive, high end brand, I was impressed with Glossybox's choice. Oh I hate saying this, I'm allergic! My face has swollen slightly and a big rash has emerged on one side of my face. I am so disappointed. I don't know whether to carry on as I know that skin can take weeks to get used to a new skincare routine, but I don't want to end up like elephant man. All the products smell nice and feel soft on the skin. The product that I think lets this set down is the moisturiser, it's too thin and sticky, it almost feels like suncream.
Skinetica - Anti-blemish 
One of the main critisms of Glossybox that people have is that they don't look at the beauty profiles that they make you fill out. This means that you get sent products that are not suited to your skin or preference. I am very lucky and do not have a lot of breakouts (ok at the moment I do because of an allergic reaction) so I really don't have a use for this product and have already given it away. I did try it on my skin to feel the texture. This would dry out your skin very quickly so be careful just to put it on the affected areas and no where else. I will ask the person who I gave it to to give me an update in a few weeks to see how they like it and if it works.
Yves Rocher - Moisturing cream lipstick
 Glossybox does love this brand don't they? I'm not complaining the mascara in June's box was great and now this lipstick I really love. At first I didn't like that they had chosen such a bright shade. But this is the perfect post box red. The swatch makes it look a little on the berry side, but trust me it is the reddest red I will ever come across. The lipstick itself is moisturising which I thought would make the colour bleed off the lips but it didn't. I'm not a massive fan of the actual barrel of the lipstick as it feels quite flimsy and could break. But I love the case, as vibrant as the shade itself so you can easily find it amongst other lipsticks.

Only four products this box, and only one I can use on rare bright lip occasions. I am disappointed that I don't feel any of these actually match the theme. I thought maybe I'd be able to invite the girls round and have a pamper night in with them using products from the box, face masks and nail varnish.

However, I would like to end on a more positive note and point out that on the back of the product card, Glossybox makes reference to the fact that October is breast cancer awareness month. They also state that they are donating money to the charity, they do not specify how much (could be 5p or £5 per subscriber) but I am impressed that they have done this and have tried to raise awareness for such a worthy cause.

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