Friday, 14 March 2014

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Collection

I stumbled upon this collection but accident really. I used to be an avid white musk wearer back in my younger years and the sweet musky scent always remind me of a school trip to France in particular. So I was browsing around the body mists, as I have heard a whole hog of bloggers include The Body Shop scents in their favourites recently, when I was taken in by the rose scented version. Normally I am not a fan of rose but the musky undertones really gives this scent a grown up feel. So before I knew it I had bought the body spray in the sale and of I popped. A week or so later I was in The Body Shop again looking for the Honey Bronzer, when I saw there was a Christmas set of the perfume and body wash reduced in the sale. 

Needless to say I have the collection and to be honest I probably don't need the body spray and perfume but the glass packaging looks and feels so much more expensive. At 30ml the perfume is perfect to throw in your bag and go.  I also love the look of the glass body mist on my desk at work. I find that the body mist is just that, it sprays the rights amount in a lovely mist so it is never too over powering.The body wash I have only used once but the thick texture allows it to lather quickly and I was happy.

I have just noticed that there is also the lotion to go with this set but as I am trying not to buy any more body lotions I will have to save that for another day.  Have you tried the White Musk Smoky Rose Collection from The Body Shop? 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sephora Blush Orange Pop

For Valentines day my lovely boyfriend treated me to a romantic weekend in Paris. I did a post here showing some of my favourite pictures including when I met mickey mouse at Disneyland. If you have already seen that you may have notice the mini haul photo I threw I'm there for good measure. Yes what beauty obsess can go to Paris and not visit the Sephora flagship store on Champs Elysees? It would have been a crime not to. I was on my best behavior (and the Nars palette that wanted was sold out) so I only bought one thing this beautiful Sephora own brand blush in Orange Pop.

This is the second in my collection as I loved Rose Glow so much and wear it all the time.  
Orange Pop is a matte bright pop of colour shade that will be amazing with a tan (sadly for me that is not the case right now) its one of those shade that you can pop on with a big fluffy brush and be good to go as it will add an instant vibrancy to your complexion without making you look like a clown.

This these are a bit pricey at just under £10 but I think they are worth it for the pigmentation and longevity. A little definitely goes a long way so they will last you a very long time and there are a variety of shades and finishes.

Now Sephora is shipping to the UK so the Sephora Blushes are now available online.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

100 Day Spending Ban

On 31st January 2013 I challenged myself to go 100 days without spending unnecessary money.  If I remember correctly it was really hard, but I didn't do too badly, the odd Primark haul and Boots 3 for 2 were my weaknesses. Today I am challenging myself the same thing, 100 days with the following rules:
1. No makeup, haircare, skincare, or bath products
2. No clothes, shoes, jewellry, bags or accessories
3. No home or storage items 
4. No impulse buying of anything
5. Presents may be bought for others
6. Can go out for drinks and dinner with friends and family
7. Must save at least £1000 during the course of this challenge
8. If I do wish to buy something I must write it on a list and give 5 points as to why I need it in my life

This all may seem a little extreme but I do waste a lot of money and I want to put the money that I save towards a car or summer holiday.  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday #bloggerswlw

I have completely fallen off the diet and fitness wagon.  So I thought I would share some quotes I found to help inspire myself and any of you that need a bit of a pick me up.
I really liked this one when I saw it as this can be for anything in anyone's life.  Whether the changes you make are to do with health, giving up a habit or even just trying to be a better person, not many things happen overnight.  I've always thought it's about the small things in life, the things that most of the time we overlook and take for granted.  Whatever goals or achievements you are aiming for, you should not ignore the small things as they really do make all the difference.
This one is focused more towards those of you like me that would prefer an extra half an hour in bed in the mornings rather than going for a run or just generally too busy for gyms.  Hopefully, there is at least one point that will help motivate us to bust a move from now on.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew - Relaunch

You might have seen the newly repackaged slightly reformulated moisture renew lipsticks from Rimmel spoken about recently. With a smoother longer lasting finish these have shot to the top of my drugstore lipstick favourites. I have a few shades of the old range but I really didn't get on with them at all.  I picked up two of the newer shades Glam Plum Fulham and In Love With Ginger which are supposedly dupes for the much loved Mac Rebel and Morange. Personally I haven't tried the Mac ones as they aren't anything that appeals too me as there are so many good drugstore dupes. The other shade I picked up is Nude Delight which was always a bit of a cult favourite but as I found the old formula a bit drying and dull, the shade always looked horrible on me.  Not anymore though, I love all three shades.

I find these glide smoothly over the lips and make them look hydrated and not at all dull.  For a moisturising lipstick I think these last really well especially the deeper shades and they fade nice and evenly too.

If you are more if a matte kinda gal I will have a post up soon on another high street favourite which is a matte version of one of these shades so watch out for that. These are available from Boots which at the moment have 3 for 2 so I will definitely be browsing the Rimmel stands for more shades.
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