Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shopping My Stash - September

So last month I decided to kick my shopping habits to the curb, well sort of, and try to rediscover some of my neglected makeup products.  Even though I had to give up eye makeup for a couple of weeks I think this went really well and have fallen in love with my NYX cream blushes. This month I've got a mix of products.
From Left to Right
Artdeco Bronzing Compact Powder
I hit pan on this ages ago as I used to love it, but it sadly got pushed further and further to back of the drawer with each new matte bronzer purchase I made.

Maybelline One by One Mascara
In my mascara collection, here, I mentioned that I wasn't a massive fan of the brush so I tend to pick up other mascaras over this one.  I've included this one as you shouldn't keep mascaras for more than 6 months so I want to use this up rather than wasting it.

MAC Lipsticks
This might come as a surprise to many people, but I choose so many other lipsticks over my MAC ones.  I only have a couple including one from the Wonder Woman Collection, but I think I've used all of them a total of 5 times.  I know they are lovely, I just need to use them more.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes
This is my grubby Storm palette that you can see, and it used to be well loved, but since my naked palettes entered my life, I have become a bad person.  I have a couple of Sleek palettes and want the Oh So Special palette as they are beautifully pigmented, nice consistency and very affordable.  If you do not own a Sleek eyeshadow Palette I definitely recommend them. 

You can see what products I included last month here.  I loved this last month so I hope I can keep it up this month as well as using some from last month.
What products do you need to use more?


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