Monday, 13 February 2012

Dry Shampoo Review

This is a fairly new idea but is becoming very popular very quickly.
It was a friend that introduced it to me has she had a small tin in her car.
“You spray it into your hair and it stops it from being greasy.” ...
 That is what happens, but I wasn’t exactly convinced to be honest.  And yes I know it’s called dry shampoo but I my first worry was ‘oh no I’m not putting some sticky gupe on my hair’

However I did try it out and various other forms, and now if I know I’m staying at someone’s for more than one night... my dry shampoo comes with me :)

Does it remind you a little of spray paint? Shake it you’ll see what I mean

There are many brands, you’ve probably heard of 'batiste' as they have the widest range of dry shampoos but there are others such as tresemme, toni & guy, lee Stafford Charles Worthington and also boots and Superdrug have their own brands too.  So if you don’t like one version try another one I’m sure there’s one out there for you somewhere.

I think this is the best hair care idea in a while... it makes my hair look fresh and feel clean.  I use it when I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning so I can go out and not feel like people are staring at my greasy hair.  I probably use this twice a week even if I’ve washed my hair the day before I sometimes just give my roots a volume boost... I warn you now, it can get addictive. 

A downside that I find with some versions is a faint white/grey chalky look to where it has been sprayed.  This might not bother some people as it depends on how much you use.  Many of these brands have brought out colour versions, for darker hair and blonde hair, these are the ones I use, so I get the same clean effect but without the white powder on my head.

Tresemme have actually gone one step further and have released a foam version which is brilliant when you just want those extra minutes in bed in the morning.  As it’s a foam rather than a spray, I would describe it as that it works just like a shampoo but without the shower because unlike dry shampoo it does actually make your hair damp.  This means you can blow dry your hair into your style and personally I think the volumising foam really adds body and feels like you have just washed your roots. They smell great too.

How to use

Apply to dry hair (obviously) I normally pick up small random sections of my hair, shake well before use and spray close to the root. Between each section I give the can a good shake.  DO NOT USE LIKE HAIR SPRAY! That’s when that chalky look starts to happen. You don’t have to cover all of the hair, mainly sections of the top of your head and lower section if using the volumising one.  Leave in for 15 – 20 seconds without touching then massage in and work it around the scalp.  This process takes no longer than a few minutes.

I highly recommend dry shampoo because it is a real time saver!  As I have said, try various different brands and versions as some are aimed at certain hair types and all smell different so don’t let the scent of one put you off!


(For average size bottles, other are available)
Batiste:  £2.99 – £3.99
Tresemme:  £4.38
Superdrug own: £1.75
Others Mentioned: Around £5 - £6

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