Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Beauty of Ebay!

I have a love-hate relationship with Ebay, I love how cheap it can be, but hate how many fakes are on there.  My biggest tip is to use sellers that are recommended to you.  And also, when buying branded products expect it to be fake, I always ask myself 'would I pay this amount if I knew this wasn't the real deal?'  If the answer is yes then there's no tears when my 'Mac' lipstick breaks within 2 days. 

However, there are some little gems to be found floating around in that big Ebay pool.  The first is seller coastalscentsuk the name gives it away really.  Best customer service I have ever received and also no duty and delivery charges from the US.  I purchased the Coastal Scents 22 brush set and as far as I'm concerned it is the real thing and I've been on their website which, if were fake hopefully would have been closed down by now.

I am a big fan of lashes, my own, other people's and false ones.  These eyelashes are probably the biggest money savers for me, 20 pairs for £3.99 (+postage and packaging) and I love them.  The band is not at all flimsy and used with Eylure glue you cannot go wrong. I've gone out, come back in and accidentally fallen asleep with them on and they did not budge an inch.  There are all different styles and can also be sold as a single pair or in sets of 10.  Also suitable for contact lens wearers.

A trend that was sort of going round on YouTube was the UV Nail Curing Lamps, mine cost me £9.45 and saved me loads in not having to get my nails done professionally all the time.  I think this is a good little gadget if you've got some spare money, but it can be waste because the gel nail varnish can get pretty pricey.  I would recommend to start with, buying just a gel top coat and then in time, if you wish, to buy colours in order to get full use from the lamp. (And then the genie will appear, no, wait, wrong blog.)

Lastly, these caviar beads are a new find of mine.  Who needs £18 Ciaté caviar when you can get 40g of beads for £1.99? (+postage and packaging)  Saying that, I haven't tried them out properly yet so the final effect may alter my view.  I'll keep you posted on how they fare with a nail of the week coming soon.

Thanks for reading, But sshh remember... it's a secret


  1. Good review! I agree with you, I bought make-up from ebay and thought it was real until someone pointed it out and said it was fake. I was kind of embarassed since it was my first time getting the product so I was not sure what is fake and what isn't x

    1. Thank you, and don't be embarrassed at all, loads of people do it, myself included. The only thing to do is remember who not to buy from and leave negative feedback to warn other people.
      I would buy from sellers that have been recommended to you :)
      But I know it can be frustrating

  2. great buys! xx

  3. Ebay is always the best place to go if you don't want to pay too much for an item but like you said their are always fakes and rubbish items, but it looks like you had a good haul. By the way I love your blog so I'm a new follower :-)

    Elle - xo

    1. Oh thank you very much. Yeah you've just got to be careful when buying branded products on Ebay. But there are genuine products too, just got to find them!


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