Saturday, 18 April 2015

Let's Talk Fitness

If someone had told me a year ago I would be writing a post about the gym I would have thought have thought they were raving bonkers. Me and the gym had the "you don't even go here" type of relationship. Seriously. I didn't have any form of gym etiquette when I started but to be honest I still embarrass myself on a weekly basis. I think I might save those stories for another time thoough. 

Let me take you back to the beginning of July when I thought Body Pump was a type of dance move and sports bras were for the frumpy gal in PE. I couldn't even run for the train without nearly passing out and walking up the flight of stairs for work felt like I had run a matharon. Yes I knew I had put a bit of timber on around the tum tum but I was just SO unfit and that's what bothered me. 
Here I am in April and I have been a regular down the gym for 9 months! I was shocked I got passed 3 weeks. I started off just doing my own thing on the exercise bikes and the odd power walk on the treadmill, it shows that even small changes really make a difference. I now have been known to fit social plans around my Tuesday spinning class and get to the gym for a 9 o'clock Saturday morning session, that's how dedicated I have become. 
I do feel so much fitter in my everyday life and can't help but feel a little proud when someone compliments my figure (not something that happened often before). Don't get me wrong I have my unmotivated days and I still haven't mastered the best diet but I am so glad I finally got round to joining a gym and sticking with it. 
This year I am hoping to compete a 10k run which I would never have thought about doing before. If I can do this then I'm sure anyone with a little bit of will power can too. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bronzer and Brush Duo

Winter is well and truly over, that means it's summer time. No? I am so bored of winter skin and makeup I want to be sun kissed and golden. I've even ordered my first bikini of 2015. Ok so I ordered two.   

I wanted something to take the pastiness out of my pale skin without looking orange or cakey. I think I have found a good little combo that I have to share. The Rimmel Natural Bronzing powder in 022 Sun Bronze and the Duo Fibre Face brush by Real Techniques. I've never been a fan of duo fibre brushes but the bristles are dense enough to pick up the product but sparse enough to apply a light amount and blend. The slightly annoying thing is that this brush can only be bought as part of a set containing the face, contour and eye brushes. 
I'm starting to get into minimal makeup so this little combo is perfect. Especially when I want an extra 5 minutes in bed of a morning.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Favourite Hair Masques

My hair always needs a bit of tlc, even though I am happy with the moisturising conditioners that I use I do enjoy a good hair masque to give it that little bit extra. I have used all different treatments from drugstore to highend and I have picked my favourites from each and added an extra just for good measure.
Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque - £5.99
I hadn't tried a lot of Charles Worthington but I took advantage of a deal that Boots had a few months ago. Ever since, I have been loving this hair mask and use it once/twice a week. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft. I have noticed my hair looking healthier and not as dull. It has the added bonus if smelling amazing too! A random thing to mention but I really like how the lid flips back into place easily so no water can get into the tub and ruin the product.
Kérastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque 200ml - £20
My first tub of this beauty was a Christmas present a year or so ago and I fell in love.  Not only does Kate Middleton use this brand to keep her amazing locks in shape but it feels so luxurious. I try to avoid using this anywhere near my roots as it is so smooth and creamy it can make my roots look shiny. It leaves my hair so smooth and I have found how tangled my hair gets when I don't use this. Now addicted to highend shampoos oh no!

Lush Hair Doctor - £6.95
This is the first hair product that I've bought from Lush, I usually head straight for the bath bombs. Having a sensitive, dry and flaky scalp I have found T Gel and Head and Shoulders do not quite do the job of encouraging the hair goddess in me. Specifically made to cleanse and moisturise the scalp I had to give it a try.  Once a week I smear a thick helping of this mask onto my scalp and leave for around half an hour.  Having such thick hair it took a while to get used to the clay texture but it is definitely worth it.  This was a massive improvement and lasted longer than I had expected.
What hair products have you been using to help dry and sensitive hair?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara vs Benefit They're Real Mascara

A while ago I put The Benefit They're Real mascara to the test. Could I find a drugstore alternative that was just as good or maybe even better than the bestselling highend product. I love Maybelline The Rocket mascara and thought there may be some similarities so I filmed a review and demonstration on how both perform during a standard working day. 
Watch the video to find out my verdict. 

Let me know if you have tried either and what your thoughts are on either mascara.  Do you have a different affordable mascara that can compete against highend mascaras?

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lush Collection and Video

Hi I'm Stacy and I am a Lush addict. I cannot help myself, it takes a lot of willpower to have to wait for your train everyday outside a Lush store and not go in. Surprisingly I've only missed one train due to getting carried away. Anyway I pop in there every couple of weeks or when I see there's a new collection waiting for me. 

Lush bath bombs are always the thing that attracts me. The scents shapes and general cuteness is too much for me to turn anywhere else. I have dipped into the hair masks and other shower products but I am yet to experiment truly with skincare.  
I talk through each product in a bit more detail in my video.

Let me know your favourite Lush products

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I'm Back!

Hi everyone

As you may be able to tell I took a massive step back from blogging and Youtube. I know I am not the most consistent blogger but I really enjoy my little space in bloggersphere and feel that so much has gone on since I've been away. 
Anyway this was just a little message to let you know that I am back and really excited for all the good stuff I want to share with you all. I've still been keeping out with new releases and have been finding some good Autumn goodies.

I have already got back into the swing of things over on my Youtube :)
Thank you for sticking with me in my absence and you'll be hearing a lot from me.
Love you long time sisters x
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