Tuesday, 18 June 2013

YouTube Time and May Favourites

A little message to let you know I have taken the plunge and put myself on YouTube.  This is such a massive step for me considering that two months ago I didn't even have a single picture of myself on this blog.

I would love it if you could check it out and let me know any comments you have.  More videos coming up soon, so keep those peepers out.

Channel: Buttons and Bows X

May Favourites: See what I have been loving the past month

Thank you guys x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Find Your Perfect Foundation With PS Beauty

Finding the right foundation can be hard work. Decisions on the correct coverage, finish and longevity.  All that before you even look at the shade range and the whole pink tone/yellow tone business.  The whole experience can be very overwhelming for anyone.  That was until PS Beauty came along.  PS Beauty is an online personalised foundation finder. 
Firstly, the website asks you questions on the type of skin you have, and on your preferences for your perfect foundation.
You then choose all the foundations that you have previously tried and your thoughts on those foundations.  The system can now pin point exactly what you want from your foundation, including consistency, longevity and value for money.
Then voila, three foundations that are personalised to you and your tastes.
The whole process is done so quickly I am really impressed with website. I know this tool will help me save money as I can now tell if a foundation is right for me before buying it. PS Beauty  has also confirmed that I need to try YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, thanks PS Beauty.  Find your perfect foundation here.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bourjois Health Mix Foundation

As we are in Spring, for the majority of us, our skin becomes a shade or two darker, and we leave behind the heavy matte foundations that masked our Winter skin.  I have continuously repurchased Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation over the last couple of years and for me is one of my all time favourites.
I have to say high street foundations are a pain to colour match.  You can be minding your own business putting strips of foundation on your neck in Boots and trust me you will always get a funny look from someone, and even then it's hard to tell which one actually matches you due to the artificial lighting. Ok rant over, my point is that, this foundation matches me perfectly. The best colour match of any of my foundations, highend included.  All the shades do tend to be more yellow or neutral toned so bare that in mind if you are pink toned.

The packaging, I have had to take the whole of the top off because the pump stopped working. So for a long time I didn't really reach for this foundation as it became a bit of a pain. I like the fact there's a little cylinder inside the plastic bottle that moves up as you use the product, so you can see how much is left. It might be that little mechanism that made the pump stop working actually, hhmm oh well I still like the idea.  Also a foundation that comes with a pump is always a winner in my book.  Saves wasting a lot of foundation and is not as messy as foundations that do not come with a pump.
On to the actual foundation and the first thing that I noticed was the scent.  It's kinda fruity which is such a change from the paint-like-stench that most foundations smell off.  This is due to the 'fruit therapy' that this foundation claims to have.  Key fruit ingredients help the affect of your skin.  There is apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple for anti-oxidants and ginger for energy.  I don't know if all this hocus pocus is completely true, however, I do know I love the finish that this foundation gives.  A lovely, dare I say it, dewy, hydrated glow to the skin.
I would say this is a light to medium coverage foundation.  It covers my redness but not necessarily those nasty spots but it evens the skin out nicely.  Another claim is that it is supposedly meant to last 16 hours, I don't think it lasts anywhere near that time, and is the one thing that lets this foundation down.  It can become a bit patchy as it fades so I always use a primer underneath to help with the longevity. 

Retailing for £9.99, it is one of the more pricer foundations on the high street.  There is also a serum version on the market and recently the packaging has had a revamp.  I will continue to buy this foundation as it is a brilliant everyday foundation for me.
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