52 Things for 52 Weeks

All aboard the 2017 train! I had a fantastic New Year weekend with friends and though I wasn't planning on making any 'new year resolutions' I know I have a lot of aspirations and goals for this year. 2016 was majorly up and down for me so didn't get to experience things I had wanted to, which is maybe why there are so many things I want achieve this year.

Use up bath and hair products before buying any more
Find beauty favourites and stick to them
Condense my makeup and skincare collection
Perfect using my gel nail kit
Don't be afraid of colourful makeup

YouTube and Blogging
Reach 1000 subscribers on Youtube
Create and post 100th video
Do a vlog video
Revamp the blog
Interact more via comments, chats and social media
Do a series
Get comfortable with OOTD posts
Be more organised with posts and film videos in advance
Make a routine for when posts and videos go live

Save up a substantial savings pot for deposit/moving/furniture
Complete spending ban for unnecessary products (makeup included)
Keep track of spending and cut back where needed
Cut down on lunches at work by making at home
Pay off all credit cards and stay out of overdraft

 Buy my first home
Spend Christmas in my new home
Create colour themes and get inspiration for decor
Learn to live by myself and get a routine
Move in with boyfriend 

Fitness and Health
Go to the gym 3/4 times a week
Drink at least 4 pints of water a day
Get to target weight by the summer
Make eating '5 a day' a habit
Learn more about clean eating
Get to sleep before 11pm for a month

Do something for charity
Say yes to something I would normally say no to
Learn to drive
Read a book a month (still want to read Little Women)
Go on a photography course
Get a promotion
Take more photos of non beauty related things
Be more positive
Learn to be less fidgety 

Family and Friends
Make time for family and friends
Cook for family in new kitchen

Reconnect with old friends
Visit distant family
Do something considerate for my boyfriend regularly
Become an auntie :)

Girly weekend away
Spend weekend away with boyfriend and friends
Book a holiday outside of Europe
City break in the UK
Book a surprise
Visit restaurants on the list
Video more of my travels

I will be striking them off as I complete each one so remember to pop back to keep an eye on me.

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