Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Affordable Berry Lip

For me nothing says Winter makeup like a berry lip.  I have found two berry shades that I love and are from the great British high street so are super affordable at under £7.  These photos are from the archives so were taken probably two years ago and I have re purchased both shades since! The reason I am showing both in the same post is that I think the tones are very similar but the finishes are complete opposites.  Depending on your preference you may love one but hate the other yet for me I think the colours are dupes for each other. 

For a lot of people matte lips are a must for winter and if so you would love the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 107. A Zoella favourite this can last all day. For those of you with dry lips this lipstick maybe isn't a wise choice as I have had some unflattering moments. But if you don't have that issue then this is a great one.

However if you prefer a more hydrating or shiny finish I would recommend you go for the Maybelline Moisture Renew in 470 Glam Plum Fulham. These were repackaged and reformulated a while back now and I 100% prefer the new shades they introduced. Not as long lasting on the lips but a great way to inject a bold lipstick.

I think the high street does some great berry shades so let me know which ones you have found recently. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Mary-Lou Manizer Review

I like a good highlight, I mean I am no strober but I do know my Albatross from my Watts Up.  As you can see Mary-Lou Manizer is beautifully pigmented but blends out to a fine sheen.  The gold undertones work really nicely with my skin tone.  Pink toned gals I personally would go for Ciindy-Lou over this one.  The quality of the product is so much better than I expected to be honest, and unlike some other highend highlighters I very rarely get any fallout from this product. The powder is so finely milled it is so soft to the touch.

The packaging is lovely and very unique.  If you haven't seen any of The Balm products I would suggest you take a browse, its one of the quirkiest out there. The Balm is now really accessible on the highstreet in Debenhams and Superdrug and online at Feel Unique and Amazon. At £17.50 The Balm is that bridge brand that is slightly more expensive than highstreet brands but doesn't quite fit into that highend category either.  However highlighters last such a long time, especially as the Mary-Lou Manizer is so pigmented you hardly need anything, if you were to buy one treat for yourself I would chose this one.  A mini secret Santa to yourself if you will. 

I apply mine to the tops of the cheek bones and the smallest amount on the bridge of my nose.  Sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous I use to highlight under the brow and on my cupids bow. If you are feeling crazy though take whatever is left over and lightly dust above the arch of your brow it gives the most radiant finishes to the skin. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette FLAWLESS MATTE - Makeup Revolution Review

I had been eyeing this palette up online for quite a while when I strolled into my new local Superdrug and there, in all its glory, a Makeup Revolution stand. Being freshly stocked may I add.

Anyway although I love shimmery shadows I have small hooded eyes so I know that shimmer isn't always my friend. I am really into matte eye looks at the moment, I think they really help to give dimension and are great for giving the illusion I have bigger eyes than I actually have.  

With so many varieties of shades, the Ultra 32 Flawless Matte Palettefrom Makeup Revolution is great for creating new looks and trying new techniques. The shades blend really nicely together but they can be a bit powdery so be cautious of fallout especially with darker looks. This is a great palette and anyone that is a fan of the old school coastal scents palettes I think would really enjoy this.  For those of you that like shades to have names, each shade has indeed been named.  

There is also a large mirror so even though it is slightly too big to fit in your every day sized makeup bag, I wouldn't totally dismiss it for longer trips as there are so many looks that can be made. I only have one small negative and that is there isn't a dark black shade. There are some dark browns and a few grey shades but a true matte black would make this palette even better. 

Sleek packaging and of course the rose gold box it comes in makes it feel somewhat more expensive than it is. I don't think the high street has fully perfected a matte eyeshadow palette however I think Makeup Revolution has come quite close and at £8 you get a lot to play with for your money. I think this would make a lovely socking filler or secret Santa present. I am really glad I picked this up as I've been getting some good use out of it as I have been experimenting recently.


Monday, 7 December 2015

5 Brands I Want to Try - Dear Santa

As a lover of all things beauty I always have a wishlist of products. Recently I have noticed that I have been lusting over brands instead of specific products so I thought I would put it out there and ask what you guys would recommend from these brands.  Some can be quite hard to get in the UK so if when I make an order I want to make sure I am getting the gems. 

1. Sigma
I know I want to try out their brushes but there are so many to choose from.

2. Makeup Geek
Youtube's very own, better than MAC eyeshadows apparently I have started creating the perfect matte palette.

3. Charlotte Tilbury
What can I say it is just rose gold goodness. I imagine Charlotte Tilbury products to be to makeup what chocolate is to food.

4. Laura Mercier
I really want to try Laura Mercier products but I know I would get stuck and just panic buy.  I think I sway a bit more towards the bath side of the range.

5. By Terry
I have one question. Are those eyeshadow sticks really as good as people say?

Sunday, 6 December 2015

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick - Shade 5

I have been waiting for the opportunity to share possibly the most aesthetically pleasing lipstick I will ever own.  The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in the shade 5. A beautiful bright, yet sophisticated pink. The lipstick glades on so smoothly even with dry chapped lips I always find this instantly makes my lips feel perfect.

Due to this being the shine formulation it means these are quite sheer and has more of a gloss or sheen to them.  Depending on your confidence with brighter lipsticks, for me I can wear this in the evening or on a hot summers day.  But if you are looking for an easy way to wear a bright lip I would recommend the Volupte Shine lipsticks. It is light on the lips and very comfortable. This shade I will would work on a range of different people, warm tones as well as paler ones.

However I do remember the first few times of wearing this shade I was a bit worried that as the formula is so hydrating that it may easily transfer across my face.  Something I do not need when tucking into a hot dog at a friends BBQ. None the less I have yet to experience any such disasters only compliments when I wear it.

Encased in gold tubing and boxing I keep my collection on my dressing table, I really like the center of the tube where the shade of the lipstick is shown through the YSL logo.  I think these are such elegant lipsticks.  At £28 they obviously carry the highend price tag, and to be honest I think I have always bought mine a duty free. But I can see why they are that price, I don't think there is anything on the high street that competes with this at the moment.

If there is one lipstick that instantly picks me up it is this one.  A brilliant shade for the work Christmas party, and a lovely gift if you are looking for some inspiration for Christmas presents this year.  

I am hoping to show you my Rouge Volupte lipstick collection soon so please let me know if you would be interested in that.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

No7 Extreme Length Mascara

If you look back at previous mascara posts you'll know I have been on a mission to find the perfect mascara for a long time. I have difficult lashes. They are short, straight and uncooperative. To make matters worse I have oily eyelids (a genuin thing) and hooded eyes. So even if I do get fluttery lashes it doesn't last very long as the mascara smudges all over my eyes making me look like I've been sweeping chimneys. 

By a funny turn off events I ended up being gifted this No 7 Extreme Length mascara by a family member, in waterproof. Perfect for oily Irene over here. 

The wand is a plastic comb style brush, perfect for separating and lengthening even the trickiest of lashes. It's only recently I have become a fan of this style of wand. There will always be a part of me that believes false lashes come from a tube and big volume is the only way. 

The waterproof element is a must have for me nowadays, I know some people can't stand them but for me there is no point even getting out of bed to put mascara on if it's not waterproof I just look stupid within 20 minutes. I use Cetaphil or micellar water to remove my makeup and I haven't had an issue with removing my mascara. There is a regular non waterproof version available but as I haven't tried it I can't comment on it. 

Hopefully you can see and appreciate the difference between my eyes in the photograph. The longevity is really good as well normally my lashes loose the curl and droop after an hour but with this one I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to keep going until lunch time. 

I think this mascara is great definitely one of the best I have tried. No7 is slightly more pricier than your average high street / drugstore brand but I think for this product in particular it is worth the extra money. No 7 is also great for anyone that has sensitive skin or eyes as all products are hypoallergenic.

With any mascara I would always recommend curling your eyelashes beforehand. If you are having issues with finding 'the one' then try curling your eyelashes before applying any mascara and see the difference.  Let me know what you're favourite mascaras are.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the shades in this palette.

With three matte bronzers and three highlight shades this palette has quickly become a beauty cult favourite. One highlight shade is even yellow based, excellent for brightening under the eyes. Kat baby you have created something amazing. The texture of the powders are lovely soft and buttery that blend effortlessly on the skin. I have even used an eyeshadow brush to see if I could blend out a harsh line of contour and it didn't do a bad job. I seriously cannot express my love for this palette. It is beautiful and has quickly become one of my top 5 products ever! WOW I just went there.

The only downside is the packaging itself. Cardboard. Why oh why am I being charged $45 for cardboard packaging. However the massive mirror is one big plus in my book so I guess we can forgive. I also wish you could buy the individual shades, just in case one day I run out and by coincidence I am in America I might want to repurchase just one shade. Chances of it happening? Zero to none!

My personal two favourite shades have to be the two in the center Lyric and Shadowplay.  With this palette I find it so easy to create an effortless, defined base, wearable for day or night. I am so impressed with the quality of this palette that I have been eyeing up the eyeshadow palette as the colours look perfect for me and I want to get my hands on some other products from this range.

Have you tried any Kat Von D products - do you have any recommendations?

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sleek Makeup Collection

I am a big fan of high street makeup I think in the last couple of years high street makeup has undergone a huge change and it's great. One of my favourite brands is Sleek Makeup. When I was first getting into makeup I remember being drawn to the Storm eyeshadow palette, at the time it was actually quite hard to fine good quality eyeshadow palettes. I was instantly hooked and haven't looked back since. 

I have developed my collection of Sleek products, you will notice that it's powder product dominated and that's because I know the products work for me and I love them, but I do promise to reach out and try liquid based products from now on :)
Anyway let's get on with the good stuff..


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas decorations it's what really helps me get into the Christmas spirit.  There are so many beautiful baubles, wreaths, ornaments that I could post one of these a day.  I have found my favourites for 2015 and wanted to share them with you.

What are your favourite Christmas decorations of 2015? I would love to know about colour themes as well, do you always have the same colours every year or do you change it up? 

Blogmas 2015

Is it too early to be wishing Merry Christmas?
Oh well Merry Christmas - this year I cannot wait for Christmas and even have all my Christmas shopping done and dusted (though not wrapped) before December 1st.  Yes I am Miss Keenbean and super organised, thank you Black Friday. I am going to let you in on a little secret, I already have all the Christmas emojis as my most used saved on my phone.

As I am so excited I have decided to blog throughout December.  I have a complete mix of Christmas themed goodness coming up for you.  I will be kicking it all off later today with top Christmas decoration picks hopefully to inspire you to get your Christmas trees up!

Like always please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see :)
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy counting down the days with me!
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