Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Primark Foundation Brush || Artis Oval Brush Dupe

A couple of months back I uploaded a Primark haul on my channel (shameless plug) which I showed a new makeup brush from Primark's PS Pro makeup line. Inspired by the Artis brushes that retail for around £60 each I was intrigued.

The Primark oval brush is £4 and is a good size for applying either foundation, concealer or cream bronzer/highlight. I am personally using mine for foundation and I cannot believe how quickly I can apply my foundation with this brush. A warning for those of you like me that can be slightly heavy handed, the handle is slightly flimsy if you press too hard.  Mine hasn't broken or anything but I would just go light. However, what's great is that you don't need to apply a lot of pressure to buff in the product as this brush does most of the work for you. I really like the finish the application gives though like with any brush I do a double check to ensure no streaky patches.

I think this brush can tend to soak up the product as the bristles are so dense but I have had other brushes that have done the same. I am a bit concerned about when I have tried to wash the brush as all the hairs clumped together and has taken quite a while to dry, I was dubious as to whether it would return to its original state and I think it has mostly.  Unfortunately I don't think this brush will be as durable as say my MAC or Real Technique brushes however for the price I am glad I picked it up.

If you have been lusting over this type of brush this is a great way to try out a new technique without breaking the bank.  I do have my reservations as to whether these are as good as the originals but if like me you are always looking for something new to try I would pop down to a Primark and pick one up.  
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