Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for Girls - Girlfriend Mum Sister Friend Daughter

It still not too late to pick up those last remaining pressies, unless you're planning on posting them to Australia for Xmas day of course. I have put together a gift guide where there is something for female in your life.

Lush - Need I say more?  Unless she is highly allergic I'm sure you will find something in any Lush store, and the advisors are super helpful too.
Pyjamas - I love new pjs anytime of year but I think there's something snug about having a fresh set for winter.
Naked Palettes - Every year they bring another one out and every year I want to get it. Fabulous quality and is one of those presents that can be given as one main present or alongside a few smaller gifts.
Candles - Had to include it, I know they are literally burning money away but I think they make for great presents especially the ones that boarder more towards the luxury end as its not something everyone buys for themselves.
Jewellery - This can be quite an overwhelming task, my advise would be to keep it simple. Find out the colour jewellery she likes, for me I wear silver or white gold (if there is a certain stone she likes such as her birthstone that's a good place to check out too). If she's anything like my mum and would prefer something practical than something on trend and you really don't want to risk it for a chocolate biscuit, keep it classic.
Handbag - This can be another tricky one as some women can be quite particular especially if you are buying their 'everyday' bag.  Go with a brand you know she likes as she will be familiar with the quality and styling. 
Diary - As a stationary lover this would be a big winner in my book (no pun). Depending on the recipient there are some really cute styles around or the classic engraved are equally as lovely.
Tickets - Musicals, Concerts, Afternoon teas, for some people activities and days out are far more important that physical gifts. All about the memory making.

I have also shared my top tips on buying for guys here.
Merry Christmas

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Songs - Blogmas

What would Christmas be without the songs to spread the festive cheer?  We all know come the Christmas party we'll be screeching 'all I want for Christmas is yoooooooooooooou' Standard.  Whenever I hear what other people's favourite festive song is its never the same as mine so thought I would share and would love to find anyone else that agrees to my top 5.

1. Driving home for Christmas - This always reminds me off old American Christmas films where someone is desperately trying to make their way through the blizzards to get home for Christmas day.  The sob in me loves the happy endings.

2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - It's not Christmas until I have sung this at least 20 times (in November). Perfect song choice when putting up the decorations or wrapping the presents.

3. Christmas (baby please come home) - I know this is a random one but an upbeat one (even if a tad sad).  I think I just like yelling CHRISTMAS at random times

4. Fairytale of New York - A sad story again but so easy to sing along to even if you can't understand all of the words

5. Wish it could be Christmas Everyday - Whenever I hear this I have to sing its a brilliant party song and again a great one just to have on in the background while getting on with Christmas chores


Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Decorations 2016 - Blogmas

One of my most favourite things about Christmas are the decorations. The lights, ornaments and colour themes.  Every year I search through Instagram and Pinterest gathering inspiration.  I have also been fortunate enough to visit other countries around Christmas time and I never get bored of turning a corner and gasping at how 'lovely this building is'. 
I wanted to shared some of my finds that I hope you will like to.  As you can tell I'm still loving the grey theme.


Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Christmas Tag 2016 - Blogmas

I love the blogging tags that do the round especially Christmas themed ones.  I have seen a couple floating around this year so I have mixed them together, such a rebel (don't tell Santa).  For you beady eyed folk I have included 12 questions and answers, this is the 12 days of blogmas after all.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie?  I can't pick just one. Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street and a new one is Arthur Christmas. Oh just remembered Elf. It's too hard to choose one. Top five anyone?

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Used to be Christmas morning when my brother and I were younger now its more midday.  Obviously only the naughty kids open their presents on Christmas Eve as Santa wouldn't have even been yet, right?

3. Favourite festive food? All the chocolate, so much chocolate. Though the thought of a good cheese board did nearly make me dribble slightly.

4. Favourite Christmas gift? My favourites are always the surprise ones, even when I think I know what I'm going to open I'm lucky enough for Santa to throw a special surprise out there for me.

5. Favourite Christmas song? I really like Driving Home for Christmas but I always sing 'It's beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas' so everyone thinks that's my fav.

6. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? I always had a real one up until recently when we got a fake one but it was a good quality one and I am so glad I don't get those needles stuck in my feet anymore. Anyone with a cat you'll know the pain.

7. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably? I am definitely a pro. My dad is massively OCD about the wrapping which I seem to have taken over.  My boyfriend knows he is not to touch anything.  I couldn't even let him wrap his work secret Santa.

8. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? I normally work during the day, but last minute present wrapping and a good Christmas drink. Actually I think I'm going out Christmas Eve Eve so I may just be chilling in bed this year.

9. What tops your tree? We had an angel for about 20 years but a few years ago my mum decided she needed to hang up her wings so we have a red star now.

10. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixon.  Oh blimey and Rudolph. I think there are more so nope soz. 

11. What's the best part about Christmas for you?  Seeing people's reactions to their presents, I love buying for other people so its great to see the look on their face.   I guess it must be wierd for parents when kids get to my age, its like role reversal.  Also I enjoy spending time with my family having a good time and normally playing board games. 

12. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?  I am quite a reflective person I like to look back on the year and remember what I enjoyed and also what I maybe didn't get round to doing and use those as goals rather than resolutions for the year new. 


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Jumpers of 2016 - Blogmas

The Christmas jumper was a massive trend last year from the young to the old we all embraced the novelty not to mention the damn right crazy. For most people they will probably recycle last year's but I wanted to have a look and see how I can freshen up my Christmas game.  For what I found there is more of a cutesy, chic spin in this year's offering which I am loving.

Matalan Snow Jumper
H&M Snowman with Hood
Dorothy Perkins Rockin Around Jumper
Dorothy Perkins Sequin Reindeer
Debenhams Penguin Jumper
New Look Dear Santa Tee
Marks and Spencer Festive Rabbit 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gift Guide for Guys Christmas 2016 - Boyfriend Dad Friend Brother Son

Welcome to the 12 days of blogmas!  We are kicking off with a simple gift guide for the guy in your life, even for those difficult ones to buy for.

Aftershave - Pretty self explanatory, if you know he has a signature scent prove you know him well and pick him up a backup.  If not, pick one you like and hope he likes it too..

Men grooming - Whether he's got that lumberjack 'hipster' look or at soft as a baby's bottom the beard is a hot topic at the moment so will be on quite a few guys wishlists this year, even they don't admit it.  They like a good pamper as much as us girls.

Experience - Perfect present for someone who has it all or anyone with a hobby. There is such a wide range of experiences out there you are bound to find something they would enjoy.  And some can be for more than one person so you can always give him some company driving fast cars or skydiving. 

Coffee Machine - I feel like everyone bought their dad a coffee machine last year but I think they are great.  Once you go posh you don't go instant again. There are so many out there but Tassimo are great value for money and so many brands of coffee, tea and hot chocolate are compatible.

Trainers - I don't think there are a lot of guys that would turn their nose up at trainers are they?  Trainers aren't just for the gym buffs anymore, trainers are so on trend this can be seen as a cool trend piece as well as functional. 

Food & Drink - Doesn't necessarily have to be an alcoholic gift, you might be the favorite with a cheese hamper come Christmas day night.

Remote Helicopter/Drones - Little gadget like this are great socking fillers, plus will keep them entertained while you're off trying out your new liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D he bought you. 

Wallet - There are so many variations of wallets nowadays this is a great present for any guy.  Can be used as part of lots of smaller gifts or more premium wallets can be a really lovely, luxury present. 

Gloves - Perhaps a better idea for a dad or uncle , however anyone that has to brave the cold come the first day back at work would love to get hold of a pair of these.

Boxed Game - There's always a new boxed game floating around my house on Christmas day.  Such a great idea to get the family together before the big lunchtime feast. Everyone knows we all fall asleep after dinner.

Let me know what ideas you have for the guys you are buying for this year.

Monday, 12 December 2016

12 Days of Blogmas with Buttons and Bows - Christmas 2016

The countdown to Christmas is on and I know the 12 days of Christmas actually start on Christmas day but what's a minor technicality between blogging friends aye? I wanted to share a few more lifestyle type posts as well as gift guides, Christmas favourites and of course the all important Christmas day lipstick.  
Even though I am a year older I still really enjoy Christmas I still get just as excited and reading other people's blogmas has really got me in the festive spirit.  Let me know who's blogmas posts you've been enjoying as I would love to check them out.


Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Very Real Life Update

This is a post I never thought I would end up writing so bare with me.  I know its a weird time of year to be writing about something like this but I wanted to get this off my chest before the end of the year hoping this will take a weight off by sharing my thoughts.

My blog has been so far away from my mind this year I completed lost my vision for where I wanted to go.  I have regrouped and found some inspiration so I'm not quite down and out just yet. I thought a life update and a bit of a reality check would be a good way to get the ball rolling again, however deep this turns out to be.  Here goes...

I have always had a very happy life, when I look back there isn't anything I can complain about. I have always known I am loved by both of my parents, they have always provided my brother and I with anything and everything we have needed and wanted.  Even before now I have always known how lucky I am to have both parents in my life. Roll forward a few months into the year, my mum and dad have decided to separate which is not a massive shock to me but does throw your life into a slightly different dimension. You end up being piggy in the middle, whether you want to or not. This turn of events means I am going to be moving out, I'm not going to decide who to live with so I feel it's best for me to save up and become a grown up, I mean I am 25.  So watch out for all things home related on a very realistic budget, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up looking like one of the Ikea showrooms.

Nowadays lots of kids see their parents breakup so I know I am not the only one, but sometimes that just isn't comforting enough.  I have done a lot of thinking this year especially when you hear of people unexpectedly passing or becoming ill. As I said I find myself fortunate that I still have both of my parents in my life even if it feels like my life has been a bit of lie.  My family won't be the same ever again but that's fine, in a way it might make this Christmas different.  That's life I guess.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Aspinal of London Classic Travel Wallet

I am very luck to have received this beautiful black croc and red suede Travel Wallet a gift this year. Never did I expect to be opening anything from Aspinal of London let alone this beauty. Everything from the suede lining to the handles of the gift bag this is pure luxury at its best.  I am not one to show off about gifts but I thought it would be a crime against the blogging community to not share my new love.

Being the organised gal that I am I may have dropped the odd hint that I would like a travel wallet. Somewhere to keep passports, tickets and other documents. I had my eye on this one from Dune as its sleek, pretty and affordable and never imaged I would be lucky enough to receive the Aspinal of London one. 

Handmade from Italian leather and lined with stunning red suede the wallet comprises of four tabbed sections each titled for tickets, passport, documents and other bits you may need (insurance). There is also a large zipped compartment for currency. I don't usually get excited about gold font but even I have to say it is pretty amazing.  The large flap is fastened at the front making the wallet very compact and perfect for any travelling occasion.

Is it really sad I haven't even managed to give up the box yet?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sleep Chic + Adore Me

For anyone in the mist of dealing with post-Christmas syndrome, I feel your pain.  I have pulled together some quick tips to help us get through these tough evenings and to feel great while doing it. Winter Blues be gone...

Sleep Chic
Winter nights do not need to be the enemy any more, with the beautiful Adore Me sleepwear and lingerie ranges you can feel you can channel your inner Beyonce whenever you want. With a varied colour palette and styles to suit everyone a late Christmas present could be just want we all need. All you need to do it sign up and complete the quiz, especially as there is a Valentines Special running at the moment, and you could be collecting members points in no time.

Girlie Nights
What's better than a sleepover with the girls?  Films, gossip and chocolate (not forgetting Channing Tatum, he's always invited) is a Friday night at its best.  Plus the girlfriends always appreciate a lovely set of pajamas when they see one.

Me Time
One of my favourite evenings is when I'm chilling on my own and relaxing.  Nails painted, face pack on and finally getting round to using that expensive moisturiser I have saved for 'special occasions'. The midweek stress buster.

Try Something New
This could be anything, a new television series, book maybe even that film that everyone talks about but you never found time to see it. You may have even seen a new dish you want to recreate. 

Whether this is with your pet, boyfriend or even that one friend in the group that always goes away over the holidays.  Get a good film that you enjoy, a hot chocolate and cuddle up to watch it.  Its amazing what a good hug can do.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Selfridges Forest Bar and Resturant on the Roof

On the fifth floor, the exclusive lift opens up to a wooden heaven. Dimly lit trees And beautiful passageway make you feel like you have been transported to a real life secret garden. 

When you walk into the cafe you can feel the rustic vibe but it opens out to be less private than I originally thought. I really liked the decor and thought it had been done in good taste. 

As we had booked for afternoon tea I didn't get a chance to look at the regular menu. The afternoon tea menu comprised of regular £20 or fizzy afternoon tea £25. Personally I think this is very reasonably priced for where you are and how full we all were.

The lady reeled off the extensive list of teas Selfridges had to offer, being the adventurous person I am I obviously choose English breakfast. To be honest the table was too small for the 4 of us and for all of the pieces needed to fit on the table. Being peak timing I'm assuming theu have tried to accommodate a few more tables than usual. Having said that it did feel more snug than uncomfortable, so just don't expect a lot of space.  

The afternoon tea consisted of a pot of tea each with a bottle of milk to share . A three tier cake stand between two people with various sandwiches and cakes including a brioche chicken roll, salmon sandwich, apple tart (decorated with cress), banana bread with honeycomb and a strawberry macaron. There was also a tray of scones, very dough like almost like cakes, and enough for two each. Clotted cream and raspberry coulee appeared alongside the tray in very generous sided pots. 

I am so pleased we went as I did really enjoy it. I think I feel a Christmas tradition starting.
If you have been please tell me what you thought and most importantly, what did the menu contain?
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