Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vaseline Pink Bubbly Limited Edition

I haven't really seen many posts on this product so I thought I would indulge in the world of Vaseline. Pink Bubbly is the new limited edition lip therapy and is supposed to smell like champagne, I personally would describe it more like a fruity scent with a kick really. But I do like it oddly enough and the more I smell it the more I like it. 
I don't use mine as a 'lip therapy' as I don't think Vaseline actually does anything to moisturise or hydrate the lips.  There are other useful ways, on my lashes to help them grow, over lipstick to add a sheen to the lips and also on any small dry patches of skin. Saying this, I do own every single version that they bring out, my excuse is that it's a staple item. 

Vaseline is always quite sheer, hence why no swatch, and mine now lives in my handbag. A normal pot would be £1.99 but this one is £3.49 from Boots, smacked lips face! I really cannot tell why this one would be £1.50 more than the others. However, I do spy with my little peeper, there is wine extract in the Pink Bubbly which may explain a little.

Overall, I think this is my favourite scent but was a bit of an impulse buy, I don't know if I would repurchase this if I happened to lose it though.

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