Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flat Shoe Love

I sadly was not given the gene of amazing long legs, and luckily my back isn't oddly stretched so I stand at a very small height. Leave any guesses below in the comments. Normally, short girls become attached to their heels and wouldn't even give a flat pair of shoes a second look. I am the complete opposite, even on a night out my friends have given up asking if I'm going to wear heels. They already know the answer.
So I thought I would share my love for flats to prove that girls you don't need to give yourself heel ache and blisters no matter how tall you are.

These are my everyday flats, not including my boots and wellies. As you can see I trust my feel with Primark a lot. I know Primark isn't necessarily the best quality but I think they have some really nice designs and love that they copy Topshop and River Island who charge ridiculous amounts for their shoes.

These girly hightops are my only pair of River Island shoes, and they were a bit of an impulse buy on pay day in the summer. They are very comfortable and I love the design, I believe there are flatforms in River Island with the same print. I refuse to wear them when it's raining though as I don't want them to get dirty :( but as I live in England I think its inevitable really.

Plimsolls have sort of gone out of fashion now, but I think in the last 3 years I've had about 4 pairs, 3 different colours and the white ones are the only ones I've repurchased. Forever 21 have some amazing colours though. I really like these with skinny jeans. You can get these basically anywhere but mine are from Primark, good enough quality to keep the shape and not let water leak through to my socks but also cheap enough that if they do get ruined in mud that I would just buy another pair.

These suede beauties are my newest pair. I love these I think I picked them up form Primark for about £8/£12 and compared to other retailers I think that was really good. Again another pair that I don't want to wear in the rain as I know they would get ruined.  I find these really comfortable  I originally thought that the bottoms of my feet would hurt after a day of wearing these. I was mistaken, due to the very slight heel, your foot is not completely flat so your soles don't feel like you've been walking around bare foot all day.

I purchased these about 18 months ago from New Look and they have held up pretty well. They have a very small cork heel that has taken a bit of a battering as I have a tentency to fall over, a lot. These are the shoes I normally wear out in the evening and are from that gladiator faze that went around shoe heaven for a while. 

These have been my most worn shoes over the last couple of months, and I don't just mean indoors, I actually wear these everywhere. Even in the past week when we've had rain, there has been me, my umbrella and my flip flops! They aren't the most comfortable of flip flops, they are very flat. I know that sounds like a ridiculous comment to make, but after a few hours my soles and heels hurt because I am walking basically bare foot. I used to hate flip flops but I really like these and I even have them in white. yay!

I don't know what most people call these type of shoes, I call them dolly shoes, don't ask me where I got that from because no one else seems to call them that. So anyway, the first of the Primark dollies, and I love these. On trend with the studs, there is an exact copy of the Topshop ones as well but I prefered the studs to go all the way around the shoe and not only at the front. There are white, cream and black, maybe more by now, I would definitely recommend trying Primark shoes on in the shop, because every pair is a different size. I am a size 3 and sometimes I have to try on 2 or 3 different pairs of size 3 to find a pair that fit me. It is a downside to shopping in Primark but I don't mind, it doesn't really take that long to try them on. I think these were about £8 and compared to Topshop at £28 I prefer the Primark version.

I think these are beautiful and sophisticated, now there was a bit of mix up and I don't think these are the pair I tried on in the shop. I say this because when I put these on they always feel a bit odd, and they didn't in the shop. The shoes are very straight, they don't bend with your foot. So you can't quite tell which shoe is for which foot, I could use either shoe for either foot and it would feel the same. Again a slight problem with Primark but it doesn't bother me that much, I don't think its causing my feet any damage or I would have taking them back.

Thank you for reading my ramblings about my shoes and sorry for picture heaviness.



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