Thursday, 18 October 2012

Accessorize Bronzer in Laguna

A bronzer called Laguna, but not the Nars version, you say. I have you intrigued don't I?
I bought this when I picked up my Accessorize Blush over a month ago now and I didn't actually see the name of this bronzer until I got home and examined the product more carefully. I believe this was about £6 from Superdrug, sorry I could not find a link to it on the website.
 Even though this is a 'bronzer' I actually use it has a highlight mainly across the tops of my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. As you can see there is a spilt in the middle of the product as there are 2 shades, these can be used as two separate shades or mixed together.  I orginially thought that the shade on the left side of the pan was going to be the more 'highlight' shade and the other to be the bronzer of the two. Now, I think there's not really much in it, both have golden tones amongst shimmer that looks beautiful on the skin.
Top shade:Mixed together, Middle Shade:Shade on the right of the pan, Bottom Shade:Shade on the left of the pan
Like the Accessorize Blush, I quite like the packaging, girly, simple and looks pretty in my makeup bag. I also said in my other review how the case closes with a snap, and I did like that about it. Until this morning when I caught my finger in it. I still don't understand how to be honest.

Even though I use this product mainly as a highlighter, I do also use it as it's proper purpose, a bronzer. Due to the shimmer, there is always the worry about accidentally looking like a disco ball, however, with a light hand this can be used as an all over face bronzer. I would personally try and emphasize my cheek area more if I were to use the product in this way.
Also, please bare in mind this would definitely not work for contouring or to sculptural the face in any way. Not solely for the shimmery side of things, but also because this shade doesn't have the ashy tones that a contour should have, it consists of a more orange tone which works for a bronzer and not contour.

Please let me know if like me you're willing to ditch your Nars for your Accessorize.

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