Monday, 2 December 2013

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

I haven't really spoken about Lush on my blog that much, compared to how much I love their products. I have been branching out and dipping my toe into the skincare whirlpool.  I say whirlpool because I know I am going to get sucked into their face masks and other lovely goodies.

Anyway, my nails have been in need of some serious TLC as of late, so I dug this little gem out of my skincare drawer.  Lush describe Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, as a super-thick cream choc full of rich ingredients.  This feels so luxurious it is so creamy and thick and then as you massage it in turns into an oil. Because it turns into an oil it sinks quickly into the skin but you can still feel it working its magic.  I wouldn't usually be flaunting my nails about the internet but I think they are looking by far the best for a long time.  You don't just have to use the product on cuticles, the oil is designed to help very dry skin, which can be elbows, knees or even feet. 

Like always I have to comment on the scent, especially when it comes to Lush, this smells amazing.  It smells like sweet lemon tart and like other Lush products the scent doesn't fade as soon as you apply it to the skin which makes me look so weird when I go around smelling my fingers every 2 minutes. I also have to mention I have being using this everyday for months and there isn't even a dent in the amount of product.  A little definitely goes a long way and for £6.50 for 50g  I will keep repurchasing this product until they discontinue it.

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