Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Life Through a Lens #3

February started off really well, however towards the end of the month I became ill with glandular fever (over exam time which wasn't ideal.) I love using this as a diary for me to look back on so I have included some random memories this month.
1. I love a good takeaway, me and my boyfriend spent a weekend in just relaxing. So naturally neither of us wanted to cook.
2. For a while we have also been a little bit addicted to Millies Cookies, they are amazing. We managed to collect our stamps and got 4 free, I think it was.
3. This month I also had a cheeky lunch time trip with my boyfriend's mum to Pizza Hut, and I have a new favourite. King of the Coast! Go try it, but not if you aren't a fan of king prawns.
4. I also had dinner trips with some friends. On place was a lovely cocktail bar/restaurant in Essex.
1./4. I had a week of being a bit pamper mad where I painted my nails and made my own spa night complete with a relaxing bath.
2. This was sparked by my spa treatments at the Dove Spa which I will be doing a post on next week.
3. The Valentine's Box from Glossybox was so pretty this month I had to include it. To see what I received this month click here.
Valentine's Day was amazing, my boyfriend never fails to not surprise me in some way. Actually, we celebrated it on Friday 15th this year as we couldn't see each other on 14th.
I didn't know until Valentine's that my boyfriend had actually arranged anything and even then all I knew was that we were going to London.
1. I got into the spirit and wore a rose gold/purple eye look.
2. It turned out that my boyfriend had bought us tickets to see The Lion King at the theatre, it was absolutely amazing and I cannot express how lucky I am.
3./4. The last two pictures are some of the bits I got for my boyfriend, we normally don't get big presents so I warned him he was going to be disappointed with my offerings this year.
Sorry for all you Valentines haters that thought you had heard enough for one year.
1. My spending ban kind of went out the window clothes wise as I found some bargains in Primark, post to be up soon.
2. I have been really ill this month with tonsillitis so I've been taking it slow as I've had exams and don't want to get too stressed.
3. My new yellow blazer from H&M, I used my Unidays discount and got this 20% off. I'm looking forward to the summer when I can whack this bad boy out.
4. Still without breaking my spending ban, Maybelline have 3 for 2 on in Boots. So me and my Boots card made some purchases.

I love seeing these so let me know if you do updates.

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