Thursday, 14 March 2013

Relaxing Day At The Spa

All the way back on my 21st birthday, my amazing friends surprised me with a voucher for a facial and aromatherapy massage at a Dove Spa.  A couple of weeks ago I booked my session and off I went to be pampered. It was my first professional massage so I didn't really know what to expect. 
When I first arrived I was shown to a seating area and had to fill out a form. It was just checking for health problems or if I have had any surgery. The waiting room was lovely and fresh looking. There were some sale products on a little table which I had a look at and a jug of water for us to help ourselves to. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in there.
I then had a skin diagnostic, these are free and available to anyone I believe. I found this so interesting and I'm not a big skincare buff. A little machine was used to test the hydration, moisture, skin pigmentation and skin elasticity. I also answered some general lifestyle and skin questions so that the sensitivity of my skin was analysed.  I found the elasticity of my skin the most fascinating, and the woman could tell me what side of my body I slept on due to the skin on the side of my face. I was told that based on the tests and question, my 'skin age' (it's too embarrassing to say) and that I should be wearing a minimum SPF of 30. The results showed that I should be using products more suited to my dry skin as the moisturiser that I am currently using is for sensitive skin. I was really impressed with this service and everything was explained nice and clearly for me.
I went on to have my aromatherapy massage which was definitely the best half an hour of my life. The woman that I had was really friendly so I felt really comfortable and at ease.  She asked me if there was a certain place on my back that I would like more attention with, and I told her that I had been having really back neck ache. It was weird because she moved something in my neck, and she told me that it was a knot and my neck felt very tense. I found out I had lots of knots in my neck and back so that would be why I kept pulling my neck out when I stretched. Since I've had my massage I haven't had any pain my neck at all, some people might think it's all psychological, but I honestly believe she has helped it 100%.
Lastly, I had a facial, to be honest I preferred my back massage. I think there are more techniques that can be used on the back, whereas the face is smaller so all the motions are relatively the same. I did really enjoy it though and she used some really nice products on me. I was so relaxed and I loved having the hot towel wrapped over my face (I'm being serious). I would recommend both of these treatments I was really very impressed.
As I said there were products that were used during my facial, and these were chosen by the woman to match my skin type, so this is why the skin diagnostic is important. She also recommended to me various products that she thought would be really good for me and my skin. I was interested in the eye cream as she had scared me a little about my wrinkles. I did feel that they pushed the products a little bit which is what let the whole experience down.
I obviously don't know how much the whole thing cost as it was a present but for more information visit the Dove Spa Website. There are 21 spas across the country, for me I did have to travel a bit as there it's one immediately near me, but it was worth it.
Overall, I really enjoyed this and would definitely book again. I think this is a lovely gift for a friend or mum. I am also very grateful to my friends for this experience, I honestly just expected a card a maybe a drink from one or two of them. They really surprised me and I love them all for it.

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