Saturday, 5 December 2015

No7 Extreme Length Mascara

If you look back at previous mascara posts you'll know I have been on a mission to find the perfect mascara for a long time. I have difficult lashes. They are short, straight and uncooperative. To make matters worse I have oily eyelids (a genuin thing) and hooded eyes. So even if I do get fluttery lashes it doesn't last very long as the mascara smudges all over my eyes making me look like I've been sweeping chimneys. 

By a funny turn off events I ended up being gifted this No 7 Extreme Length mascara by a family member, in waterproof. Perfect for oily Irene over here. 

The wand is a plastic comb style brush, perfect for separating and lengthening even the trickiest of lashes. It's only recently I have become a fan of this style of wand. There will always be a part of me that believes false lashes come from a tube and big volume is the only way. 

The waterproof element is a must have for me nowadays, I know some people can't stand them but for me there is no point even getting out of bed to put mascara on if it's not waterproof I just look stupid within 20 minutes. I use Cetaphil or micellar water to remove my makeup and I haven't had an issue with removing my mascara. There is a regular non waterproof version available but as I haven't tried it I can't comment on it. 

Hopefully you can see and appreciate the difference between my eyes in the photograph. The longevity is really good as well normally my lashes loose the curl and droop after an hour but with this one I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to keep going until lunch time. 

I think this mascara is great definitely one of the best I have tried. No7 is slightly more pricier than your average high street / drugstore brand but I think for this product in particular it is worth the extra money. No 7 is also great for anyone that has sensitive skin or eyes as all products are hypoallergenic.

With any mascara I would always recommend curling your eyelashes beforehand. If you are having issues with finding 'the one' then try curling your eyelashes before applying any mascara and see the difference.  Let me know what you're favourite mascaras are.

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