Sunday, 6 January 2013

Best and Worst of ELF

Eyes Lips Face, or ELF is a predominately American online brand.  ELF started in America with their $1 range and since then has continuously grown into a brand with some fantastic products.  This is where my love of make up came from, being able to purchase good quality, cheap makeup allowed me to experiment and find the obsession that I now have.  For that, like other young girls, I will always have a soft spot for ELF and do still repurchase from their website.  
Firstly, the products that I love and would gladly repurchase, some of these actually are repurchases. 
I also love the completion brush

However, like any brand there are products that don't work for everyone and these are the ones that I really didn't like. 
Studio Makeup Mist and Set 
This is just too wet, it's like spraying a hose in your face. It has even made my mascara run. As you can see I have used this and tried it many times but every time I feel like it ruins my makeup.
Mineral Foundation
I did used to really like this and repurchased this a couple of times. As my first mineral product I didn't realise just how bad it was until I tried others from different brands. This doesn't actually do anything, it's more like a setting powder rather than a foundation.
Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph 
I love all the other shades I have and actually think they are very good lipsticks. But please do not buy this shade!  It is concealer in a bullet. I always come back to this because I want to make it work but it is just awful and I don't think it would work with any skin tones at all.
Tone Correcting Concealer 
This just does not have any staying power. It looks nice when you apply it and doesn't look cakey or anything. But it lasts an hour maximum, I have used it on myself and about 4 other friends, all having the same problem.
Stipple Brush
I heard such good things about this brush and actually made a whole order just because I wanted this brush. I can't use it. If the bristles were half the size or if they were much denser then I think this would be brilliant.  It is really hard to work with and I found it doesn't place the product evenly onto the skin so can create patchiness. 

This is the 'Brilliant for Anyone Getting into Makeup' Category. 
The Beauty Encyclopedia 
This product has actually changed a little bit now to the Beauty Book which doesn't include the cream eyeshadows any more, which to be honest is the best decision that ELF has ever made. It now includes a handy mirror. The reason I have made a whole new category for this one product is because the colours are beautiful. There are three Beauty Books which contain different shades but all of them I think are lovely. The problem is that the eyeshadows are very chalky and don't last very well on the lid.  However, this palette also includes a handy step by step guide on how to apply the eyeshadows and where to place them. Therefore, I think this would be perfect for any girl that wants to experiment with different colours but won't need the staying power as they won't be allowed to wear it at school and hopefully won't be going on any nights out.
If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I made a sneaky ELF order the other day which was the reason I decided to do this post.  There is 25% discount on everything at the moment when you spend a certain amount. I think it ends today though so hurry up if you want to place an order.


  1. I adore the Golden bronzer. It is gorgeous. x

    1. It's amazing and such a good price. I love it for in the summertime x


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