Monday, 24 September 2012

GlossyBox - September

Another month has rolled around, and with the beginning of the school/college/uni year, September can bring many changes. This month's Glossybox was themed around 'Rising Stars'and was presented in a green patterned box, rather than the simplistic pink box that most of us associate with the company. This month's box was designed by Maggie Lei, an up and coming London based illustrator.

The first thing I noticed is how all the products are of sample size, the first box that I have received that does not included a full sized product.
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance
I'm sure I've said this before but perfume samples are not luxury products Glossybox tut tut, they are easily accesable from a range of shops. However, I did want to try this perfume so not a bad choice. I do enjoy this fragrance, it's quite a harsh scent so I would say to use this as an evening perfume.
Rodial - Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial
My samples came in sashes in an evelope as opposed to a little bottle which gives me the impression that these can too be picked up at counters. On the packet there are claims of being a 'revolutionary product' as well as 'ground-breaking' both working in 2 and minutes respectively. Impressive claims, so I'm going to save these for a special ossaction where I can put them to the test as I received two sashes of each product.
Balence Me - Wonder Eye Cream
As my first Balence Me product I was quite excited because I have heard such good things about this brand. I already have an eye cream routine, you can check that out here!!, but I am looking forward to trying this out and seeing whether it will elbow out my current favourites.
Vichy - Idealia Day Care Cream
After seeing that there was already skincare treatments, I was hoping for a bit more varity than more skincare. (sorry for those skincare lovers out there)  However, I did go back to this product and open it up to have a look. I haven't properly tried it out yet but this cream smells AMAZING, along with the lovely texture I really hope this works as I think this could be the best product of the box.
Maghrabian - Hair Oil
Glossybox can read me like a book sometimes, I have been urmmm and aarring about buying a hair oil for ages. I know that they can have good results but I always worried that my hair would just become greasy and not have the deseried effect. So, I am looking forward to trying this bad boy out, the sample is only ickle and I have a lot of hair. I'll probably do a post on this so keep checking.

Overall I think there are some good brands in here but I would have preferred at least one makeup rather such a skincare heavy box, but I do think there are some good finds in here.
If you wish to subscribe visit the GlossyBox site here

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