Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Topshop Lips - Secret Admirer

Topshop makeup has become quite popular and though I haven't tried out everything in the range I have dabbled in their lipsticks, now owning three: Brighton Rock, Innocent and the newest addition to my collection Secret Admirer. For some reason I cannot find it on the Topshop website but they retail for £8 each and come in a variety of shades.
I decided to go for a light pink shade, and at first I did have to play around with it.  Even though these lipsticks do have a creamy texture they can show any dry flaky bits or cracks on the lips.  To stop this from happening I apply some Vaseline underneath and problem solved.  Without anything underneath I find these to be quite long lasting lipsticks so lovely for an evening out.
I've seen a lot of reviews saying how everyone loves the packaging, to be honest I'm not a massive fan.  There's a lot worse, but it's nothing to write home about.  If anything I find the plastic is quite thin.  However, I like how the lipsticks come in a box, unlike drugstore brands that don't have any exterior packaging.  Gives it a little bit of a luxury feel.
The finish of this shade, and all the others I have tried, is matte.  I'm becoming more a fan of the sheer, more moisturised look so as I said I apply a lip balm beforehand so the colour is not as opaque.  If you like matte lipsticks you'll like the Topshop ones.
Swatched, Secret Admirer looks like a Barbie pink, but once applied on my lips it actually finishes to slightly darker than expected.  I think this is a shade that varies with the pigmentation of the lips that it is applied to.  So I would recommend you try this on before buying it, because it could look amazing on your friend but look completely different on your own lips.
Overall I think this is an ok lipstick, I don't know if I think they are worth £8 but as a student I get a cheeky 10% off which isn't a lot but hey, a little goes a long way.

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