Friday, 26 April 2013

Study Tips

1. Be organised, even if it takes you a day to sort out folders, do it!  You’ll be grateful at 2oclock in the morning when you can easily find seminar answers.  

2. Make a ‘to do’ list. A realistic one! I always think I can revise a whole module in two days, turns out I can’t.  Remember to stick to it.  Time management is key to make sure you are able to completely everything you wish to.

3. Know how best you revise. Some people have to sit in silence, that’s fine, lock yourself away if it helps.  I like a bit of background music but I have to have a pre-made playlist or else I spend 5 hours just flicking through old 90s hits.

4. Take breaks! This is so important; your brain can only take in information in small doses.  Work for 20 minutes then actually get up and move around.  Fresh air is always good, whatever the time of day or night.

5. Keep hydrated and don’t let yourself get too hungry.

6. Find a place that is comfortable and with good lighting.  Not to comfortable, like a bed or sofa, we’ve all just had a quick lie down and ended up having a 2 hour nap.

7. Understand the material and not just memorise it.  This may work for a short class test but in a 2 hour exam your short term memory won’t remember everything.

8. Try and keep calm.  People that panic never do as well. So relax and you should be more efficient.
9. Have some me time or spend time with friends.  I wouldn't recommend this if you have left everything to literally the last minute, then you've had too much me time.  Basically, don't let it completely take over your life, see friends and take your mind off of exams and essays.

Good luck to anyone taking exams.

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