Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Products I Regret Buying #2

Oh it's that time again, I'm lowering the tone. Sozza! I normally read a lot of reviews before I buy products but sometimes a product might not work for me or the impulsive, crazy shopaholic gets the better of me and completely disregard reading reviews.

Please remember these products did not work for me but that's not saying that they won't work for anyone.  Do not take offence if I have included one of your favourite products.  Likewise, I may have been taken in by the hype of a product and been disappointed. 
Warning this post is quite photo heavy!

Boots and Superdrug Own Nose Strips
Everyone gets the odd blackhead on the nose and the easiest way to remove them are normally to use nose strips.  But these don't actually remove any dirt at all.  They make no difference, but I can't work out why.  They stick on the nose perfectly well and don't fall off. So it much be the actual formula that doesn't do anything.

Maybelline Fit Me Blush
I bought this out in America when I went to New York and thought I would love it as I really like the Fit Me Foundation. This may just be this particular shade but there is no pigmentation at all. In the pan this looks like a lovely everyday shade but I cannot get anything from it.  To get a swatch I rubbed the blusher on my arm for a good 2 minutes and the picture below shows the result.

Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast Mascara
I bought this mascara in a Christmas set this year so I didn't pay full price for this, and I would not recommend anyone to do so.  The brush is too big and the formula is really wet, so both factors combined means I get this mascara everywhere.  I have small eyes so for me it is more trouble than its worth to apply this in the morning.  I also find it transfers really quickly so I get panda eyes within a few hours.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
I have a love-hate relationship with this foundation.  I love how long lasting it is, I know if I want my makeup to stay put all night I should go to this foundation.  But that's all for the 'love' part.  I hate that this is sooooo yellow and therefore doesn't actually match me. (I could do a whole post ranting about how MAC do their warm and cool tones backwards as well.)  I don't like how thick the consistency is, combined with the smell it is literally like putting paint on your face. I could go on, so let me know if you would like a full review on this, I promise it won't be a complete rant though.

ELF Bronzer
For £1 I can bare this not being a good product, so this is a more of a 'not repurchase' sort of product.  The colour is too dark almost mud like.  I love a strong contour so normally it wouldn't be a problem for me but it is so hard to blend this out.  I have tried to use this various ways, but I always end up with a mud-like strip down my face.  I hate it but let me know if you have found a trick to how to use this.

Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen
I thought this would be a life saver for me and those little bloopers that I do sometimes when applying my eye makeup.  Oh no, this just smudges the nice areas or does completely nothing. After only 2 or 3 uses the nib is flatter and started to come away so is not as precise as it first was.  Shame because I like their makeup remover.

ELF Eyebrow Lifter and Filler
I really liked the idea of this and I think Benefit have a product similar to this so I thought I was getting a bit of a bargain.  The highlight side of this is really good and don't have any major complains.  My issue is with the filler section of this product, I didn't realise this was a wax.  Probably my fault it might say it on the website.  I don't like wax for my eyebrows I much prefer a pencil or powder.  Secondly, the barrel is really thick, so unless you have really bushy brows the wax can go everywhere. The swatch below is one straight line, so it is nicely pigmented but as just not what I expected.  I do like how there is a sharper than is attached to the lid, always handy.

2true Lip and Cheek Tints
These are just a bit of a nightmare to apply and get the right look. I don't like them on the lips at all, they have a horrible scent which would be horrible to accidentally lick and also I found them really drying on the lips. 
Cheek wise you have to be really careful where you place the liquid which for the darker shade is really runny.  Swatched below the light pink on the left blends out to nothing really.  The pigmentation completely goes. Whereas the darker shade on the right does have pigmentation but the product ran down my arm and set. If this was my cheek I wouldn't have any control of where the colour was going.  
Sorry this ended up being a longer post than anticipated. If you would like to see other products that I regret buying, have a peek at my first regret post here. It's not as long I promise.

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