Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sleep Chic + Adore Me

For anyone in the mist of dealing with post-Christmas syndrome, I feel your pain.  I have pulled together some quick tips to help us get through these tough evenings and to feel great while doing it. Winter Blues be gone...

Sleep Chic
Winter nights do not need to be the enemy any more, with the beautiful Adore Me sleepwear and lingerie ranges you can feel you can channel your inner Beyonce whenever you want. With a varied colour palette and styles to suit everyone a late Christmas present could be just want we all need. All you need to do it sign up and complete the quiz, especially as there is a Valentines Special running at the moment, and you could be collecting members points in no time.

Girlie Nights
What's better than a sleepover with the girls?  Films, gossip and chocolate (not forgetting Channing Tatum, he's always invited) is a Friday night at its best.  Plus the girlfriends always appreciate a lovely set of pajamas when they see one.

Me Time
One of my favourite evenings is when I'm chilling on my own and relaxing.  Nails painted, face pack on and finally getting round to using that expensive moisturiser I have saved for 'special occasions'. The midweek stress buster.

Try Something New
This could be anything, a new television series, book maybe even that film that everyone talks about but you never found time to see it. You may have even seen a new dish you want to recreate. 

Whether this is with your pet, boyfriend or even that one friend in the group that always goes away over the holidays.  Get a good film that you enjoy, a hot chocolate and cuddle up to watch it.  Its amazing what a good hug can do.

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