Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thierry Mugler Limited Edition

A few weeks ago I was walking through House of Fraser minding my own business and there, right in front of me stood a limited edition perfume stand.... I have never been so happy to have my path blocked by anything in my whole life!
So yes... I can confirm those two words that all Thierry Mugler lovers want to hear... NEW RANGE!
Well I say new range, there are two new perfumes and one aftershave, however, there are the 'aqua' versions of our favourite smells.

As you can tell they are Alien Aqua and Angel Agua, in very similar bottles to the originals.  You're probably thinking 'Aqua, well that just means its watered down so the smell isn't as strong' ... these have different fragrances to the originals, I think fresher and not as pungent.  Alien Aqua is now my favourite scent, I love it! 

The men's aftershave is A* Men Pure Shot, I'm not a big fan of the bottle, whereas I love the women's ones above.
Anyway get down there and sniff away because I know there are discounts going on at the moment :)

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