Saturday, 18 April 2015

Let's Talk Fitness

If someone had told me a year ago I would be writing a post about the gym I would have thought have thought they were raving bonkers. Me and the gym had the "you don't even go here" type of relationship. Seriously. I didn't have any form of gym etiquette when I started but to be honest I still embarrass myself on a weekly basis. I think I might save those stories for another time thoough. 

Let me take you back to the beginning of July when I thought Body Pump was a type of dance move and sports bras were for the frumpy gal in PE. I couldn't even run for the train without nearly passing out and walking up the flight of stairs for work felt like I had run a matharon. Yes I knew I had put a bit of timber on around the tum tum but I was just SO unfit and that's what bothered me. 
Here I am in April and I have been a regular down the gym for 9 months! I was shocked I got passed 3 weeks. I started off just doing my own thing on the exercise bikes and the odd power walk on the treadmill, it shows that even small changes really make a difference. I now have been known to fit social plans around my Tuesday spinning class and get to the gym for a 9 o'clock Saturday morning session, that's how dedicated I have become. 
I do feel so much fitter in my everyday life and can't help but feel a little proud when someone compliments my figure (not something that happened often before). Don't get me wrong I have my unmotivated days and I still haven't mastered the best diet but I am so glad I finally got round to joining a gym and sticking with it. 
This year I am hoping to compete a 10k run which I would never have thought about doing before. If I can do this then I'm sure anyone with a little bit of will power can too. 

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