Sunday, 11 August 2013


I have spent 16 years in full time education, and on July 18th I threw my hat in the air to mark the rest of my life in the big wide world.  Though I have had jobs before including 9 to 5, I have always fallen back into my student ways. Finding it perfectly acceptable to be drunk midweek and napping whenever I see fit.  Sadly (yet hopefully) those days are behind me.

I spent three years living away from home and looking after myself.  University is not solely about the grade that you leave with, it is about the person you become and the life experience that cannot be found in any textbook.  I wish to remember university as the fun, enjoyable, party that it is perceived as.  I am so lucky to have a supportive family, group of friends and boyfriend that helped me through the times that they forgot to mention at the open day. 

My advice is to study a course you love.  You will live, breathe and sleep the subject you choose so make sure it is one that you know you won't regret.  I still cannot believe I sit here with a degree in Financial Economics BSc where my research essay was about makeup. I am proof that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


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