Friday, 1 February 2013

Project 10 Pan

This challenge sort of goes hand in hand with my 100 day spending ban, which I guess could be seen as cheating as I'm not allowed to be buying new things anyway. Oh Well!
The idea behind this post is to show you which products I have decided to completely use up, either because I don't use them and they are taking up room, or because I love a certain product so much that I have bought 100 of them and need to use them all up. I am also not allowed to buy any other products until these are completely used up. These are not the only products that I have that fall into each category so I have no excuse to buy any products at all. 
I have 10 categories as opposed to just 10 products.
I have also included the Dream Matte foundation from Maybelline as I bought a couple of these back in the day of their hype, but now I'm not such a big fan and just want it gone. Similar story with my ELF All Over Cover Sticks (top right) I used to love these, but my love affair ended before I could even start my second stick. The other two ELF concealers are not favourites of mine, the coverage is nice on both but neither have very good staying power which for me is such a pain. However, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is really good and is one of the products that I have lots of, so want to get rid of some of my most empty tubes. The Collection Illuminating Touch was too very nice and did the job that I wanted but I've decided to try other versions of the YSL format.
I'll start with my ELf eye primers both from their normal and mineral ranges, I like both of these and most of the time reach for these more than my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I want to do a post where I compare these to the UD one so keep you're eyes peeled for that one. The MUA face primer, it's ok but nothing great. I prefer face primers that have a more silicone base to them whereas this one is more of a cream. I think it was under £5 though so I'm not disappointed as I didn't have high hopes really.
The Natural Collection one has appeared in a couple of posts before where I have tried to use this up and that's because I have another one in the same shade. They are so big and contain so much product it seems like it is never ending. I like this, it does have a lot of shimmer running through it so I like it has a highlight shade on my cheek bones. The bronzing balls are in a Dream Matte Foundation pot because the packaging broke very soon after my buying them and I can't remember what brand they are from. Sun Kissed or something maybe? These are darker than the Natural collection one and again contain shimmer.
Body Shop Lip Balms
These are perfect for school bags and desks, they come in a variety of scents and shades. To be honest not as moisturising as I thought they would be as I am a massive fan of The Body Shop Body Butters. But I do like these especially the Born Lippy version which can be used as a tint as well, so brilliant two in one product. 
The two palettes I don't ever use so I thought that now would be a perfect time to clear them out. This Gosh palette has actually made me not want to buy anything else from the Gosh Brand because I really don't think the quality matches the price and when there are brands like MUA that keep bringing out amazing palettes at really affordable prices, I don't want to waste my money. The other palette is by a Spanish brand and was really cheap, but with that the staying power is rubbish. The little Maybelline Eyeshadow in P  I think is very similar to Sin from Urban Decay, and also might be doing a post on dupes very soon. 
Face Powders
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, a good face powder but have since tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and I much prefer it so I've converted to that one. I bet not many of you recognise or even remember when 17 packaging looked like this. I know some of you are probably shaking your heads because I can't hide how long I've had this. I like this, a simple powder, matches my skin colour really well but I prefer the Rimmel powder again.
Face Creams
It feels like I have a million and one face creams sometimes but these particular ones have been with me for quite a while and have even followed me to 3 different houses! They are good creams though so don't just want to throw them away. HOARDER guilty.
Body Creams
I have so many lotions and potions I have decided to remove the ones that have been lying around the longest. Also the sample that I received in a Glossybox is also in here as I really like the scent but for reason always choose something else over it.
I used to collect Impulses. Is that sad? I have at some point in my life owned every single fragrance  and have duplicates of all the scents photographed. These are really handy for school or gym bags as the scents are always nice and girly without being too overpowering. My friend asked me what perfume I was wearing and I don't know if the scent she liked was my impulse of my actual perfume. 
Heat Defence Spray
I have a mini collection here, the Aussie Take the Heat and the John Freda Frizz Ease sprays I would probably repurchase at some point as I really liked them but the GHD and Toni and Guy I felt were just alright and nothing too special really. Did the job and smelt nice but always felt that either they could be greasy or weighed my hair down.

As I finish these they will appear in empties videos, or I might do updates if I think there's enough information to do a full post on. I have done similar posts to this before as I Shopped My Stash in August and September in a bid to use more of my products.


  1. I hate clutter and literally only have 1 of every product if I get new stuff which I like more i just throw it out its terrible x

    1. check out my cath kidston giveaway

    2. Only one blush and one lipstick? I can't even remember the day I only had one. At least you won't get stressed about which shade to wear. x

  2. Great post! I need to do one of these!
    - Andrea Marie xx

    1. Thank you. It is such a good way to use up products that you don't normally use.


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