Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Life Through a Lens

These are some pictures taken by me on my phone going about my everyday life, I hope you find it as interesting as I find other people's.

Air Wick candle that changes colour while it's burning, technology in a candle, who would have thought? Relaxing while watching YouTube videos.

Yummy, I picked these up from a little shop when I was on my way home late at night. Needed a quick snack. I love chocolate icing it makes me very happy and fussy inside.

I went up London to see the Christmas lights. This year it's Marmite which I didn't think was in the festive spirit. However, I thought the lights were very amusing as there is one elf inside the Marmite jar, he can't get enough. While there is another elf next to it being sick.

I meet up with an old friend in soho to have coffee. Well I had hot chocolate and lots of cream. It was such a lovely day catching up and laughing about old times as I don't get to see him much.

I have been after this Geek tshirt in burgundy from Topshop since the summer. I have failed miserably, luckily I found this one in stock and I love it! I still want the burgundy one so if I see it I might have to purchase that one too.

This is actually my best friend's Christmas tree, that she put up so early. She always gets too excited, so I thought I would share this with you, as I thought you would make you as festive as it made me.

Swiss chocolate, need I say more? My friend lives in Geneva and went she came back to visit she was kind enough to bring me back some swiss chocolate, and with cow print over it. What a beaut!

I have been trying out Superdrug's face masks and I love them.  This was my fifth and final one so I had to include it.  At only 99p I really love these, so much I have a post on them.


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  1. Mmmmm Yummy Cupcakes and I love your tree :)

    I thought that maybe you would like to follow each other?

    My blog is Thanks :) xx


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