Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mascara Collection and Mini Reviews

I have a small obsession with mascara, for years I've been on a quest to get the longest, fullest lashes possible.  I am so envious of people with naturally beautiful lashes, because I have the priveledge of sporting the shortest, shubbest lashes going.  Also this list is not necesarily in the order of most favoruite to least favourite, however, the ones to the right are slightly less used.

The first thing people notice is the large wand, and yes for my small eyes I would have thought that this would be a nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised with my first high end mascara, and more so after a week so it wasn't quite as wet.  Instantly lengthens and slightly fills out the lashes I probably wouldn't buy this full size version again but when Glamour magazine were including a mini sample a couple of months back I did snap it up for £2.

Maybelline Mascaras
For a long time Maybelline was my favourite brand for mascara, when I found out there was a new release on the high street, I would be the first one buzzing about the makeup stand. The ones I would by again are Falsies, and Colossal.  One by one, im not a big fan of the plastic brush and this is by no means a bad mascara, but personally I prefer the result of the others. 

Comb Mascaras
For people with small eyes like myself, mascaras that have a comb-like wand are a godsend to us. To give the effect of bigger or rounder eyes the lashes should be made longer preferably in the centre of the eye, rather than volumising or fanning the lashes at the end as this makes them look smaller and longer. L'oreal Telscopic and No7 Extreme Length are perfect examples of how to achieve long clump-less lashes, even as the mascara dries out.  I'm one of these people that use lots of different mascaras in order to get the finish I want.  I would use various volumising mascaras to add some depth and then finish off combing my lashes through with either combing mascara. Writing this post really makes me want to get the new telescopic mascara because probably all in all this is my favourite type of mascara because it captures all the lashes and leaves a very natural looking lash so can be used to create a simple daytime or more dramatic night time look.

Voluminous Mascaras
These types of mascaras work best for larger eyes as the volume elongates them and really makes big eyes pop.  My favourite from the bunch is the Max Factor False Lash Effect, again a large wand which could lead to panda eyes if you're not careful.  I overcome that by getting into the habit of putting my mascara on my bottom lashes before the top ones, this way when I tilt my head back I don't get a line of mascara at the top of my eyelid.  My least favourite is between Maybelline Volum' Express and 17 Ultimate Volume, neither for me make a lot of difference on the lashes and can transfer easily onto the skin.

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  1. Love trying new have a few in this post Ive really been wanting to try.
    Great Blog hun..smiling new Follower:)

    Sara xx

  2. Thank you :)
    This my collection over time, so most were kept purely for this post. I'm trying to use them up before I repurchase any :)
    Glad you liked it!

  3. Wow so many mascaras! I like the maybelline red one because of the rubber mascara. x


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