Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday Slim Fast #bloggersWLW

Part of me getting fitter and healthier means sorting out my diet. I am using Slim Fast to help me eat regular meals and more importantly to help me control what I eat as well as trying to shift a few pounds in the process. Rewind a few weeks ago I never used to eat breakfast, and so would to eat anything in sight at lunchtime. And used to have no control over my snacking habits. I am only on my second week but I have already noticed how little changes can help for the better.
I will run through the basis of slim fast and then how I am adapting it for my needs. So the idea is that you can still eat and lose weight. The main difference to your diet is that you substitute two meals for either milkshakes or large cereal bars, which allows you one meal but you can snack three times a day.  For example, you could have a chocolate milkshake for breakfast, snack on fruit, have a meal bar for lunch, snack again on Slim Fast tortilla chips then have a healthy calorie-controlled meal, and that still leaves room for a little pot of jelly.

How I have worked my plans out, is by seeing how many calories I am allowed to have based on my metabolism and daily activity.  I even change it up a bit and have a healthy lunch instead of the meal bar most days but will have a smaller dinner of have a smaller portion of fruit.  I am writing this having had a cheat day but I know that I will be able to wake up tomorrow and get back on the healthy train.  Though I am snacking, for me the most helpful part of Slim Fast is how I know don't just anything for the sake of it.  I have turned down chocolate and sweets which at the time is hard for ol' greedy guts here, but it has made me feel so much better when I realise that I didn't need that rocky road ice cream.

In the first week of slim fast, even though I went out for a three course meal where I didn't hold back, I still managed to lose 4 pounds.  I am still learning what is best for my body but I know I can do better next week.  Let me know about your experiences with slim fast or any other diets. 

For more information please visit the Slim Fast website.


  1. Wow, congratulations on losing 4lbs! I haven't tried Slimfast but it's obviously working great for you! I just posted a healthy recipe that you might find useful for your solid meal :) Keep up the great work lovely :)

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thank you :) Oh I will definitely have a look at that x

  2. Congrats on losing this week hun!! Slimfast must be working for you!

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube // Lime Crime Giveaway

    1. Thanks, I've had good and bad days to be honest. All be worth it :) x


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