Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Enrapture is a brand that for me, has come out of the blue and now I see their products everywhere. The product that got everyone raving and caught my eye was the Extremity Heated Rollers. Normally retail for £59.99, but I bought mine back in November when they were reduced down to around £30 so I couldn't resist. Even though they were sold out everywhere near me and near where my boyfriend lives, I managed to track one down. 
The first thing I noticed is how bulky they are, so not good for travelling at all.  Major sad face! If you always get ready in the same place then this will not bother you, but I move about and go out in my student city, my home city and with my boyfriend in his town.  So for me it is really annoying. But that is honestly the only negative I can say.
So as you can the rollers come sat on the rack in the case that when turned on will heat up.  It takes about 2-3 minutes for the rollers to be fully heated, there is a heat gage so you know when they are ready.  
There are 10 medium sized rollers and 10 large sized rollers, and a butterfly clip for each. I was worried this may not be enough as I have a lot of hair which is quite long.  I was wrong, I always have some left over so I never worry about running out and can place as many rollers as I need for the look I am going for. The rollers are designed so that the heat hits all around the hair and not just the hair that is around the roller, as the butterfly clip also have heated plates.
Once all the rollers are in they cool in just 10 minutes.  So for me to do my hair, from the time I switch the rollers on to the time I take the last roller out my hair, it is about 20 minutes. I don't think there is any other style accessory that I can do my hair that quickly with. And the result is always lovely.
I find that there is so much I can do with this rollers, create volume, natural looking curls or glamorous waves. I don't think my hair has looked the same twice when I use these rollers and I always get compliments on my hair.  I also don't have to use as much hairspray as I do with other curlers and they last all day or night.
I find the rollers easy to store as the cable and plug fit nicely into the back of the case so no wires are left to get tangled or broken.  I love the box that they come in as well, I think they look so glamorous even before I got them out the box. 
I really love these rollers and cannot see how I went so long without them.  I will never go near a curling tone again.  Even though I got these half price I would pay full price and I think they are definitely worth every penny.  Please make a travel version and I will buy those too.

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