Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Evening Makeup

Every year Valentine's day rolls around, some people love it, and some people loathe it, even those with someone to share it with.  Me and my boyfriend are planning a belated date night due to his work schedule but this the look that I will wear when we do finally get round to spending an evening together.  Note: I am by no means calling this a tutorial, I wanted to share a post that I thought some of you might be interested in and maybe give you some ideas.
Sleek Storm Palette - Gold
Sleek Respect Palette - Otis Red, O'Jays and Vandellas
Sleek Blush by 3 Lace - Gruipure
Super+ BB Cream
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
Sleek Contour Kit
Maybelline One by One Mascara
HD Brow Kit
Collection 2000 Illuminating Concealer
Rimmel Apocalips - Nova

This is my first 'look' type post so please bare with me but also please leave me any feedback in the comments below. Also, I have unintentionally used a lot of Sleek products, which I am sort of happy with as Sleek is widely available but I will aim to use more variety if I do similar posts to this again.
The main feature I focuses on with this look were the eyes, I wanted to create a pretty, girly but not too OTT effect. I normally keep to very neutral, natural colours, so I really enjoyed putting this look together as it is something different for me.
 I decided to use my Sleek Respect Eyeshadow Palette for most of the eye colours. First I took a fluffy brush and sweeped O'Jays all over the lid. I then took a gold shade from my Sleek Storm Palette and patted that onto the inner and middle of my lid .
The gold shade I used from this palette is the 4th shade in on the top row
I only realised when I started writing this, that I probably should have taken step-by-step photographs for you. Sorry guys, my bad!
I then went back to my Respect Palette and placed Otis Red lightly in the crease on the outter third to define my eye. I blended this with the O'Jays shade to soften the look and to add in some more red. It all might seem a bit 'ill looking' with all this red floating around, but with a domed eye brush (MAC 217 style) I applied Vandellas into the crease. I started from the outter corner of the eye and ran it all the way around the crease so that it just about came into the inner corner. Blend this really well to remove any harsh lines. I added more to the outter part of my crease to make the purple stronger.
At this stage I also when back in and applied a little bit more of the gold shade to my lid so that it was really shimmery and the colour showed vividly. With a clean domed brush I made sure all the edges were blended out and made it more smokey.
I very rarely use eyeliner so instead I ran the purple shade two thirds of the way under my eye. for the other third I placed the rose gold O'Jays shade. I decided on the orangey tone to bring out the green and blue tones in my eyes. I also applied a coat of One by One mascara, natural false lashes would look great here as well though. I used the HD Brow Kit to fill in my brows.

For date makeup I like to keep my skin looking as natural and illuminating as possible. I used BB Cream all over my face to even my skin tone out and cover small imperfections. I do get redness on my cheeks sometimes and I also have a few breakouts so I blended a very small amount of Studio Fix Fluid in certain places to cover those up. As I do want a nice radiance to the skin, I applied a generous amount of illuminating concealer under the eyes, on the brow bone and down my nose.
I contoured to shape my cheeks, and so that my boyfriend will never notice that I actually have a chubby face. As the eye look does contain shimmer I thought I would use a blush that contain a small amount of shimmer too. I decided on a blush that was very similar to the O'Jays shade I had used on the eyes. The rose gold shade in the Lace Blush by 3 palette is so lovely and very pigmented, I only applied a little to the tops of my cheek bones.

For the lips, I wanted to keep this neutral and matte. I think a glossy or bold lip would have been too much. I used the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Nova, which is showing up more purple than it actually is. 

General Tips:
Normally I would always say that the makeup you put on your face is completely up to you, and to create a look that you like and are happy with. Well, I'm not saying you shouldn't still do that, but whenever I'm doing my makeup for a date with my boyfriend I tend to do my makeup how he likes it. This is because even though I'm not really trying to impress him as such, I still want him to see me and realise how lucky he is (well maybe not lucky but you know what I mean). Usually, boys agree with the less is more rule, which is why a natural dewy look is normally a winner.
In most cases I very much doubt you're boyfriend will go 'Oh I love that smokey eye that you do', well it would freak me out if mine did. So you might need to think back to a time when he has actually commented on how nice you look.  He might have said your eyes look nice, so try to remember the colours you used that made them pop out at him. Or in my case it's a 'what not to wear'. My boyfriend cannot stand shiny, bright, bold lips. At All! Therefore, I avoid anything that he thinks will transfer or stain his lips.
Even by using one trick that you know he prefers, hopefully a little will go a long way. 


  1. love the sleek palettes, such gorgeous shades especially the cheek palette :D


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