Tuesday, 26 February 2013

High Street Makeup Wishlist

So my Spending Ban and Project 10 Pan are driving me crazy. I have to put all my
shopping energy into something so I have decided to do some wishlist posts. 
As the title suggests there are some bits and bobs that I want to try out from the high
street so all can be found in either Boots or Superdrug. I haven't stepped foot in Boots
in about a month! A few products are new releases that I cannot wait to get my hands
on, and others are things that I didn't want to try out before but for one reason or another
I have changed my mind.

This is my very first Wishlist post so I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you
have any tips or suggestions on how I could improve.  I am sorry about some of the
picture quality, a few have been taken from the Boots Website.


  1. OMG i have been wanting the Revlon Nearly Naked too!!! I will probably start out by only using the powder but if i like it, I am soooo buying the foundation too!
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    -Jenna <3 :D


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