Friday, 25 January 2013

What's In My Bag

I love these types of posts.  I would love you give you lots of intriguing reasons why, but the truth is plan and simple. I'm nosey! Don't you pretend like you're not too. 

Right let's get on with it. My handbag is from River Island £30, but I bought it on ASOS and to be honest I wasn't impressed with their service. They sent me one that had already been sent back because it was faulty. It had a fault sticker on it and it was still sent out to me. I contacted them and they sent me a new one, once I had returned the faulty one, bit of a palava really. I love it though, I fit most of my life in here which is what I like and goes with practically every outfit. I only wish the shoulder strap was slightly shorter as I'm not a fan of my handbag swinging down by my ankles. 
My purse is also from River Island, I didn't realise I was such a big fan. This is actually a few years old but I know the style is still available but it might possibly be in a different colour. I really like this purse I can also use it as a clutch on a night out as its compact but also big enough to fit my phone in it. I'm not keen on how hard it is to get your cards in and out of the main card section, I've broken a couple of nails. 

My little odds and sods back from Primark. This doesn't normally come everywhere with me, but I went to see my parents at the weekend so it's nice to have a little bag that you know contains some essentials.
Some beauty bits that come along for the ride, I don't normally have a big bottle of perfume either but I threw it in there as I forgot to pack it in my larger bag that I was taking away with me.
My little Travalo is so handy, I usually take this with me on a night out to freshen up. I think there is Ted Baker body spray in there at the moment. Hand Food and Hand Maid are both Soap and Glory products, both I really love. The scents are amazing, Hand Food is really similar to the Righteous Butter but in a littler formula and Hand Maid smells florally and is a really great hand sanitiser.
Notebooks and diaries, I can't help it I normally have 3 different ones with me, don't ask.  The smaller pink one is from Wilkinsons for under £1 and I bought it to keep all the information about my trip to New York with me. Important contact details, accommodation and flight details, that sort of thing.  I now use it for everyday notes that I want to jot down and To Do lists. It is so handy as it's not bulky but I can include everything that I need on one/ two pages.  The taller pink one with leopard print is from WHSmiths and cost me about £7. This is my everyday diary, mainly includes any deadlines and work that needs to be handed in. 

I am a little bit of a hoarder and tend to keep the receipts of things that I might take back in my bag and not my purse, strange I know but they are safer there. I've got loads of No7 vouchers floating around too. Another bottle of Blink drops as the other bottle isn't normally in there. Wires and Headphones always seem to end up in my bag for some reason and get everything else caught up with them.
In the little pocket at the back is my favourite section, I keep my lipsticks: 17 - Flirt and Mac -Peach Blossom as well as Blistex intensive Lip salve which has helped my cracked lips. My little mirror is from Next and I love it, it has a magnified mirror as well as a normal one which is handy.  Random earrings get everywhere in my house, let me know if your earrings turn up in some strange places too.

So that's a little insight to my handbag, something a little bit different from me so I hope you liked it. If you do like these more personally posts please tell me and I will try and do some more.


  1. I love these posts too, just because i'm nosey!
    Love your wee diary, it's so cute!! :)
    I hoard recipts too, i have some from so long ago it's unreal haha!
    Lovely post.


    Loz│NOIR │♥

    1. Haa glad it's not just me then. Wilkinsons diaries are so cute and so cheap. x

  2. I definitely want to do one of these! I find it so interesting haha

    1. Definitely do one, let me know when you've done one and I'll have a nose :) I love these posts. x

  3. I love these posts, I love to be nosey. lol. x

    1. Me too haa what are we like? Have you ever done one? Send it my way if you have please x


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