Sunday, 21 April 2013

Makeup to Go - Popping Down the Shops

As a self-confessed makeup lover, I use any excuse to get my makeup brushes out.  I know a lot of people won't be seen dead outside of their home without any makeup on.  I don't think I've reached that category, yet.  But sometimes I do still apply a bit even if I am only popping down Tesco or up to uni for an hour.  
I wouldn't bother with the primer as I don't need this to last all day, so quick and easy so I don't look like I've just got out of bed.  
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - I love this foundation, it matches my skin tone the best out of all my foundations.  It makes me look awake and my skin glowing.  

ELF Stick Concealer - I'm not a massive fan of this concealer, or stick concealers in general, but it does give full coverage. Perfect for any redness or spots that need to be removed quickly.

Sleek Face Contour Kit - I wouldn't go to town on the contour, I'd get a big fluffy brush and bronze my face where the sun would hit me or just under the cheek bones to shape my face.

Natural Collection Blush - These are lovely little things, full review here.  They don't last long but are perfect for adding a flush of colour.

HD Brow Kit - I use this everyday, depending on the situation I would go for a lighter shade for day time but mix that with a shade darker for an evening brow.

Maybelline One by One Mascara - I still haven't made my mind up about this mascara.  It's the one I am using at the moment but find it does give me panda eyes after a few hours.

If you would like to see what I apply when I am in a rush, take a peek at my Makeup to Go - Work/College post.

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