Sunday, 7 April 2013


My first ever Empties post! Yay I am finally learning how to completely finish a product before moving on to another one.  I am doing project 10 pan so I hopefully should be finishing up some of those products throughout the coming months but surprising I have also finished off some other things. 
Empties posts are one of my favourite posts because you get to see what products people would actually repurchase and possibly the reasons why they wouldn't. 
I love Soap & Glory bath and body products, not only for the cute packaging but the product inside is always good quality and smells amazing.  
500ml of product lasts so long especially when the bottle comes with a pump so you never squirt out too much.  It leaves my skin feeling moisturised which is an added bonus.  There are a few more scents that I want to try before saying I would repurchase this exact one again but I definitely want more of the Soap and Glory shower gels in my life.
Firstly I just want to point out the packaging has been changed slightly from my one shown, but I believe the formula has been kept the same.  This actually took me a long time to use up because I didn't like it at all.  This was a cult product a few years back and I didn't try it out, but then one day I saw it on offer to decided to give it a try.  As I said I really did not get on with this product, it left my skin dry and very taut.  I really didn't think it did anything to combat spots either.  I do have dry skin so let me know you're thoughts if you also have dry skin.
The product I have linked is not the exact same makeup remover that I am talking about, as this one was discontinued, but it is similar.
Me and my mum always used to use this and I have been holding on to the last of this bottle for too long.  This used to be the only thing that could remove my eye makeup without irritating my eyes. I now use Cetaphil and it does an amazing job.
L'Oreal - Extra Volume Collagene Mascara
I liked this mascara it really boosted my lashes with volume, though as it started drying it did become quite clumpy. I liked the big wand which was a bit of a funny shape (it was thinner in the middle than at the ends) and really liked how it applied. L'Oreal mascaras are getting to be pricey nowadays and though I did like it I think there may be something better for cheaper out there, somewhere.
This was another popular product a while ago and again I waited to try it out.  I really liked to use this mascara on top of a lengthening mascara.  It doesn't quite do enough on its own but for the price it did add a good enough amount of volume.  The let down for me was that it dried out very quickly, if you like to throw away your mascaras every few months then this wouldn't bother you but I'm naughty and throw mine away when they have run out.
Another product that has had a makeover so the new bottle doesn't have the same design as this one. Nevertheless, I used to love Impulse sprays, I actually used to collect them and think I have possibly owned every single one.  Hence why they are in my project pan, for some reason I am addicted to them.  They all smell quite sweet and girly, I have a few that came with limited edition Barry M glosses as well so yeah big fan over here.  I probably now wouldn't repurchase all of them but there are one or two scents that I could have in my handbag.  Yes I know I am 21 and not 12.
I always have a pot of these lying around, I think for £1.50 these are so good.  They are acetone free and leave the nails nourished.  They do a pretty good job of removing nail varnish too. What more would you want?
A really boring item to talk about, but I only realised how good these pads were after using the Superdrug version.  Superdrug doesn't have anything on these bad boys. The two sides each have a different surfaces so one side can be used to help remove makeup while the other side is nice to apply a toner with.  They don't full apart and cotton goes everywhere, these are also slightly bigger than the normal cotton pads so they get the job done quicker.  When I run out of the Superdrug ones I am definitely going back to using these ones.


  1. Wonderful products.^^
    I like your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin??? Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you, I'll take a look at your blog now. x


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