Friday, 19 April 2013

L'Oreal Base Primers - Lumi Magique and Anti-Redness

I have been getting into primers recently, but not just any primers, ones that help illuminate the skin or correct pigmentation.  Both of these I use under my foundation but can be used in other ways.  I would just like to add for me neither of these make my makeup last any longer like a regular primer would so I think of them more as base products rather than primers.
I really like the packaging.  I think these are good for travel as they aren't bulky and I love that they each have a pump.  Not messy and you don't have to try and put product back into the bottle because you've poured too much out.  I particularly like the Lumi Magique packaging colours as I like a bit of rose gold.
As you can see the primers spread so easily and only a little bit is needed to cover the entire face.  Both are lightweight so you can barely feel them on the skin and they don't leave a greasy residue.
I use this is various ways, under my foundation, on top of foundation on my cheek bones like a normal highlighter and mixed in with matte foundations to add some glow.
I find my skin looks radiant after using this product and haven't found that I get flashback on photograph or anything.  It can be a bit runny so I shake mine to make sure it is all mixed together before I pump any onto my hand.
The other primer in this collection is the anti-shine mattifying No.1 that is in a white bottle.  I only tend to get red patches so I use this to correct areas around my nose or cheeks before applying my foundation. I find that I use less foundation and concealer when using this product and so find my makeup looks more natural as it doesn't look as heavy.  I don't use this every time I do my makeup as I do forget about it. 
Each primer retails for around £10 for 20ml which I think is really good as they will last a very long time.  Neither I think are essential products but if you are looking for something like this I would definitely say for you to pop into Boots/Superdrug and check out the L'Oreal stand. When I bought the illuminating primer the girl at the counter applied some to my hand so I could see the difference it made.

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