Thursday, 27 September 2012

No7 has B-B-Beautiful Skin

As I had high hopes for the summer weather, I decided to dabble in a couple of BB creams as these are perfect for hot summery days when minimal make up and minimal effort is needed.  

No7 have brought out a Beautiful Skin range, which I am slowly working my way through, and one product that I was interested in was the BB cream.  One of the things I love and can rely on No7 for is how they cater for all skins types: Blue for very dry skin, Pink for dry skin, White for normal or all skin types and Green for oily skin.  Everything else that I own by No7 is mostly pink with some white packaged products in there too as I have combination to dry skin.  Because I wanted to get a BB cream for hotter days, and this is when my forehead and, weirdly enough, eyelids can get a little oily I went for the green version in Fair.

The texture of this BB crema is lovely. it's light, smooth and luckily enough for me is bang on my skin shade so blend into my skin perfectly.  Generally BB creams give a light coverage, and this product is no exception, it definitely doesn't covers my freckles. The coverage is good enough to blur any red patches and even out skin discolouration. Many people see them as repackaged tinted moisturisers, which I don't completely agree with as No7 BB cream provides a better coverage as well as other benefits, such as SPF 15 and 5* UVA protection. This is one of my favourite BB Creams that I have tried, it is so weightless which gives me more confidence than a foundation that I can feel sitting on my skin.

I do really like product, perfect for that no makeup, makeup base and, as I originally wanted, for warmer days when nobody wants a heavy foundation or even in September for a natural finish.

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