Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lips Like Sugar

If you saw my recent haul post, you may have caught a sneaky peak at this little beauty.  There are some posts already floating around in blogworld about this product but I though I would share my thoughts on Lush's Sweet Lips, Lip Scrub.

Firstly, the smell! I chose the Sweet Lips version which smells like chocolate, it is amazing, I could smell this all day as it is strong but not sickly.  All of these lip scrubs do have a strong scent so anyone that does not like strong smelling products on their lips, will definitely not like these.
The reason I wanted a lip scrub as opposed to a moisturising lip balm is that I had very flaky, cracked lips, so I needed to remove the dead skins cells before moisturising the live cells underneath. And this product works so well I now have smooth lovely lips. 
After applying the scrub and rubbing it into my lips, I naughtily lick off the excess.  I know you shouldn't lick your lips as it dries them out but I don't find that happens and also it tastes so good too.
Lip scrubs are sugar based mixed with some oils and flavour extracts so if the £5.25 for 25g seems a little steep then I'm sure a home-made version would work too.

Have you tried any lip scrubs recently? 

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