Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for Girls - Girlfriend Mum Sister Friend Daughter

It still not too late to pick up those last remaining pressies, unless you're planning on posting them to Australia for Xmas day of course. I have put together a gift guide where there is something for female in your life.

Lush - Need I say more?  Unless she is highly allergic I'm sure you will find something in any Lush store, and the advisors are super helpful too.
Pyjamas - I love new pjs anytime of year but I think there's something snug about having a fresh set for winter.
Naked Palettes - Every year they bring another one out and every year I want to get it. Fabulous quality and is one of those presents that can be given as one main present or alongside a few smaller gifts.
Candles - Had to include it, I know they are literally burning money away but I think they make for great presents especially the ones that boarder more towards the luxury end as its not something everyone buys for themselves.
Jewellery - This can be quite an overwhelming task, my advise would be to keep it simple. Find out the colour jewellery she likes, for me I wear silver or white gold (if there is a certain stone she likes such as her birthstone that's a good place to check out too). If she's anything like my mum and would prefer something practical than something on trend and you really don't want to risk it for a chocolate biscuit, keep it classic.
Handbag - This can be another tricky one as some women can be quite particular especially if you are buying their 'everyday' bag.  Go with a brand you know she likes as she will be familiar with the quality and styling. 
Diary - As a stationary lover this would be a big winner in my book (no pun). Depending on the recipient there are some really cute styles around or the classic engraved are equally as lovely.
Tickets - Musicals, Concerts, Afternoon teas, for some people activities and days out are far more important that physical gifts. All about the memory making.

I have also shared my top tips on buying for guys here.
Merry Christmas

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