Saturday, 7 January 2017

Beauty Blender - Best Purchase of 2016

Start of a new year is a good time to reflect on the previous 12 months.  Though I have reflected on personal things I also have had a think about what products I have discovered in 2016.  I know I am a little late on the sponge in the shape of an egg bandwagon, I have tried many 'dupes' and never saw the fascination.  Well that's because they aren't the real deal. I noticed a difference between the real one and others as soon as I felt it.

The basic principal is a small egg shape sponge (the original was pink but I have the nude colour to avoid looking super dirty with foundation) that is really soft and flexible.  For me best results come from wetting the sponge so that it expanse to about a third larger.  This stops any liquid/cream products from being absorb into the sponge. Then using a bouncing technique the sponge blends out the makeup to create a flawless look.  It's so much quicker than I expected. I use the round bottom for foundation, the tip at the top for under eye concealer and the sides for cream contour or concealer.

It can get a bit messy once you have used the Beauty Blender for a while especially if you are using all the sides so I tend to try and keep mine as clean as possible.  There is a Beauty Blender cleanser but currently I am using baby shampoo which works for all my normal brushes.

For someone with dry skin this is my new best friend I can feel my skin lapping up the extra hydration compromising only a slight amount of coverage from my foundation.  Because of the additional hydration I have found with products such as Estee Lauder Double Wear don't tend to as perfect as when I use a normal buffing brush so I am getting in the habit of using lasting sprays which have helped.

I have seen people applying powder to help bake under their eyes and I didn't like it for that I felt mixing dry powder, water and liquid was starting to make the sponge feel heavy and could make application harder so now I only use wet,

I filmed a first impression video which will be on my Youtube (ButtonsAndBowX) shortly.  

I purchased mine from Selfridges but Beauty Bay also stock individual and sets. 

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