Saturday, 17 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Songs - Blogmas

What would Christmas be without the songs to spread the festive cheer?  We all know come the Christmas party we'll be screeching 'all I want for Christmas is yoooooooooooooou' Standard.  Whenever I hear what other people's favourite festive song is its never the same as mine so thought I would share and would love to find anyone else that agrees to my top 5.

1. Driving home for Christmas - This always reminds me off old American Christmas films where someone is desperately trying to make their way through the blizzards to get home for Christmas day.  The sob in me loves the happy endings.

2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - It's not Christmas until I have sung this at least 20 times (in November). Perfect song choice when putting up the decorations or wrapping the presents.

3. Christmas (baby please come home) - I know this is a random one but an upbeat one (even if a tad sad).  I think I just like yelling CHRISTMAS at random times

4. Fairytale of New York - A sad story again but so easy to sing along to even if you can't understand all of the words

5. Wish it could be Christmas Everyday - Whenever I hear this I have to sing its a brilliant party song and again a great one just to have on in the background while getting on with Christmas chores


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