Friday, 30 November 2012

Every Day is Pamper Day

When I decide to do this series I wanted to find products that I normally walk straight past. And I think I have done that, mainly with these little beauties. I haven't used face masks in years, probably the last time was then I was 14 and having a girly sleepover. I guess I just forgot about them and I think I get wrapped up in moisturisers rather than deep cleansing treatments.
This is the first time I've tried out Superdrug's own face masks and there are so many flavours to choose from to suit your skin needs including clay masks. I used one every week/10 days and I'm gutted I've used my last one. They all leave the skin feeling so soft and relaxed. I love the whole experience of putting them on, as they start dry you end up not being able to move parts of your face so by the time it is fully dry you look like you've had too much botox. I always want to laugh hysterically when I have one on but it hurts too much!

They all contain various fruit and natural extract, I'm not a skin expert so unfortunately I don't want to say that one is better for your skin than another but the ingredients does vary a little in each different variety. The thing that I was most impressed about was how much you get, I didn't completely finish any of mine and always had a thick layer. I always use how much I need even if that means I don't use it all because I like the masks to dry completely before removing. I keep mine on for about 20 minutes and I find that has worked with all of them.

My favourite are the peel-off versions and especially the Tropical Cocktail, it smells amazing. As I have been using these on a regular basis I do want to give my skin a break from it all as I don't want my skin to get used to having the treatment. So I am probably going to next use one as we go into Spring to get rid of any nasty Winter skin. I have noticed that my makeup applies a lot better than it used to and creams just sink into my skin so much better than before. 

I really liked using these face masks and for 99p each they are an absolute bargain. I cannot wait to buy some more and try different all the scents. I don't think face masks need to be used every week, if I do get into a routine, I would say once a month maybe every 3 weeks. On the packet it says to use regularly, but how often is that? I like to do things as my skin needs it as I think it benefits more that way. 
If you have used any of these before, please comment and share your recommendations.

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