Saturday, 8 December 2012

Glossybox - November

This months theme is Stocking Fillers which is really nice to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.  This is probably my favourite box from Glossybox so I was really impressed this month.
Ayuuri - Sandalwood Face Cream
Firstly, the bottle is massive for a face cream, this is the full size at 200ml. This brand is dedicated to using natural products, and this might sound a bit silly but I think you can tell that it a natural scent and not perfumated. Therefore, I assume this would be good for sensitive skin as well as containing antiseptic ingredients. It also says paraben free which reflects all the natural goodness that they want in their products. The thing I know that would interest a lot of people is that it state 'no animal testing' this for me is important as I know it is for many other people too. I checked on their website and the brand seems to be sold mainly in pharmacies and chemists for around the £5 mark.
Burberry Body Eau de Parfum
This is possibly definitely the best perfume sample I have ever, and probably will ever receive. Basically this is not your everyday plastic, doesn't spray properly, sample. This is a beautiful, glass, mini-version of the actual bottle, which I am so impressed with. It is the same height as a nail varnish, which other brands may also do, but for me this is a first. It is just such a shame I don't like the scent, which is weird because I normally like musky scents, but I think this perfume is more suited towards an older woman.  Having said that, I do keep it in my handbag and whack it out so I can slyly show off my posh sample. 
Alison Claire Natural Beauty - Mango Body Butter
This is the best smell ever! It reminds me of a children's medicine that I used to have, but not a nasty one, the one you used to pretend to be ill for just so you could have a bit. Really nice and fruity without being overpowering. It has a lovely thick consistency as it should, being a body butter and also a pump bottle, which is unusual. The packaging reminds me of the Bourjois Health Mix foundation, due to the pump, the plastic bottle and the base inside moves upwards with the product so you know how much you have left. I have just noticed that the bottom of mine is smashed *sad face* this is really unhygienic as I can already see there is some black thing inside the bottle. I'll email Glossybox and see what their thoughts are, last time their customer service was good so hopefully it will be again.
Nails Inc - Kensington Caviar Topcoat
This is obviously a mini version, with 4ml there is enough to try the product out sufficiency. The first thing I noticed is that it doesn't really leave the nails that glossy I wasn't impressed with that side of it. But it does dry very quickly and makes your nail colour stay on longer than what it would without it. I do want to try this out a couple more times because at the moment I really am not seeing that all the fuss is about with Nails Inc. Also the second time I went to use this, I noticed that the silver on the lid has chipped quite badly, which is really ironic for a product that is meant to prolong chipping.  I really hope this is not the quality of their full sized products, I really wanted to love this.
Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant
This part is going to be short and sweet because I am yet to try this product out as I have some other face products that I didn't want this to interfere with. Even though some other Dermologica products have broken me out in the past I am still so excited to try this. The full size retails for around £40, so in a way I hopefully won't get too attached when I do get round to trying this out.

Sorry for this being a bit late again, I promise a New Year's resolution is to get these up on time. Please tell me what you thought of this months box.

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  1. Oh I've got most of them - except I got the Himalayan Hand cream too hehe your looks fab xxx


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