Monday, 24 December 2012

Glossybox - December

I was so excited about receiving this box, as it is Christmas eve I guess we could call this my first Christmas present, to myself. This month I think Glossybox has really stepped up with the Bejewelled Christmas edition, firstly, by changing the packaging slightly and bringing a Winter theme to the box.  Also the information card is now a paper leaflet with a pyramid of diamonds on the front, which reminds me of Ferrero Rochers. As well as the normal information on the products, this month Glossybox has included some discounts for the subscribers to treat themselves after our rigorous shopping sprees. 

Also my lighting has been very weird so sorry if the pictures are a bit dark.

Rituals - Magic Touch
This moisturiser is one of Rituals bestselling products and is supposed to intensively nourish and strengthen the skin while stimulating your senses. I haven't tried this out yet but if you saw my last months favourites you would have seen I've been loving my Rituals hand cream, so I cannot wait to get this on me. It smells amazing as well.
Sleek Makeup i-Devine Palette - Oh So Special
This could not have come at a better time, I have wanted this palette for ages and have been toying with the idea of buying it.  What stopped me is because I already have so many palettes that I wanted to get good use out of them first. I really love the Sleek palettes, the 12 shades are always beautifully pigmented and good quality. They are so handy for travelling too as it contains a massive mirror and normally the shades are a mixture of matte and shimmery as well as being good for day or night makeup. 
Seche Nail Lacquer - Hypnotic
I love when Glossybox included highend nail varnishes, because though I love nail varnishes I very rarely buy highend ones at full price. So at £9.95 I think it's brilliant that it's included this month. The downside to this polish is I don't like the shade, I have just got into pastel blue nails, dark blue almost black is just one step too far for me I am afraid. I would have much preferred the burgundy shade that is in the information booklet, but you can't win them all I guess. I am glad I've tried the formula and seen the finish but this shade just is not for me. 
Anatomicals - Fruity Lip Gloss
Oh I wish I could skip this product, for me this lip gloss spoils this month's box. Firstly, I'm not a big fan of the brand itself, I think they try to copy Soap & Glory's chatty ways on their products and fails miserably, I don't find it cute or funny. I think the other brands this month are quite sophisticated and are brought down by this child-like product.  This particular product to me just seems like it should have Barbie written on it or something. I'm not a fan of squeezy tube lip glosses anyway because after 3 uses they end up as one messy gunk, but paired with the sweet scent I just really don't think it goes with the theme or the rest of the products this month.  I might be being snobby, I don't know.
Milk_Shake - Conditioning Whipped Cream
I know the name sounds a bit funny, but this is a leave in conditioner in the form of a mousse. You apply it to clean, damp hair, so after you've got out of the shower and it really looked like whipped cream. It smells amazing, like a really creamy milkshake. For the 200ml full size product this retails for around £15 so again a product that I would never have thought about picking up. I can't wait to try this out as well, especially as I had my hair cut the other day so it's nice to find products that will keep your hair in good condition.
Glossybox - Blusher
The shade of this blusher is called Glossy Rosewood and apart from the obvious, that it's a Glossybox product, I don't know why they've called it glossy as it's actually a matte finish. It is a dusty pink shade sort of boarding on the mauve undertones and I think it is very pretty. It's very pigmented and blends nicely, in the description it states they are supposed to be long lasting so hopefully this blush will be a hit with a lot of people. 

I have been really impressed with this box and has definitely improved from when I first joined Glossybox back in the summer. There were 4 full products this month so even though not all were to my personal taste I am not complaining. 


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