Tuesday, 27 November 2012

MUA Mosaic Blush

MUA has featured a lot in this month's series of products under £3. Today is no exception, this mosaic blush is one of the most raved about products by MUA in shade 3, English Rose.
 The packaging has that plastic snappiness that I do not like, but it's clear to see what it is without having to open it and I've dropped this and it hasn't broken, so that has to be a plus.
As you can see the pan is created out of various colours, all shimmery which is lovely for summer. Swirled together the colours make a lovely peachy tone, which I use as a blush.  If you wanted a darker reddish tone blush then I would swirl towards the dark red shades to deepen the colour.
All shades mixed together
However, as most people use this blush, you can always use the just the light pink shades, with the shimmer to create a beautiful highlight across the cheek bones or brow bone.
For such a versatile product the price is amazing at only £2.50 online and in Superdrug stores. You also get a lot of product, 8.9g. One word of warning I would give is to use a light hand, if you try and blend this too much the colour gets washed away and you are left with sheer shimmer, a good primer can help you out though. Apart from that, the product goes on well to leave a natural glow to the skin and I really love it.
Brilliant stocking filler!


  1. It doesn't look nice in the pot but it looks great on your arm, will be checking this out. Thanks for your review! xoxo.

    1. I see what you mean, it is a mix match of colours in the pan. I really like this isn't just one shade though, you can decide how red or pink you want it to be. xx


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