Thursday, 15 November 2012

MUA Single Eyeshadows

My first post this month was on the MUA trio eyeshadows, so you might be wondering why I am now doing the single version.  This is because these are a completely different product, the single eyeshadows are in pressed form, whereas the trios are baked.  Pressed eyeshadows are my personal favourite and are what most of my eyeshadow collection consists of.
Shade 16, was actually within my very first order from MUA over 2 years ago when the company first launched. The idea behind this shade was to use a matte shade that was slightly lighter than my skin tone, for an over base or highlight. I have also used this as a highlight down the bridge of my nose and it looks lovely, even though there is no shimmer. There are only a few shades in the matte range so I hope they bring out some more because I like doing a smokey eye without any shimmer for an everyday look.
Shade 3 is a pearl which is shimmery and is very pigmented, very multi dimensional with the flecks! There is a bigger colour range within the pearl section and I really want shade 25 but cannot find it in any Superdrug stores near me so might have to make an online order soon. 
The packaging is simple, transparent lid so I can see the colour while rummaging though my basket of single eyeshadows and pigments.

The quality is amazing on this product, I always use a primer because they can crease after a few hours but for £1 I am definitely not complaining. I can use cheaper brushes and more expensive brushes which is really handy, because I have some shadows that only work well with certain brushes which can get frustrating. You get 2g of product so I think these are so handy for travelling as they aren't bulky and there are some lovely vibrant shades.


  1. Nice review, the colours suit each-other. New follower here, come check out my blog sometime, xoxo.

    1. Thank you and nice to see new faces :)
      Oh didn't even mean to do that, just two random shades. x


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